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VGDJ: The Official OCR Podcast


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Dear Typhon and friends,

I do belive that with the current state of affairs, including the break in the longstanding VGDJ routine, as well as the possible advent of a new co-host to the VGDJ team, that a wise course of action would be a complete overhaul of the Podcast's layout. These circumstances provide ample opportunity to improve on certain aspects of the podcast proper, that were, how shall we say, a bit lacking in the show as it once was. It is the personal belief of many individuals that the implication of the competition reports laid on top of the already-solid foundations of the podcast VASTLY improved both quality, and the population of dedicated fans. Though there has been no open discussion of this particular topic, there is an undercurrent of revolution within the populace of VGDJ listeners, that this particular section, and all individuals that correspond therein should be expanded to fill a larger temporal space within the frame of the podcast. In summary, while changes such as this are a time for mourning over events and places that once were, and may no longer be, they are also a golden opportunity, an opportunity to build on the splendid and magnificent ruins of something great, to improve upon it, while still capturing the magic essence that first captivated the listeners from the first word on the first show.

:wink: hahahaha I'm just messing with you guys! Can't wait to start reporting again!!

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Uploaded again by female request.

VGDJ Episode Improvised by Txai

Welcome aboard!

This is the Unofficial OCReMix Podcast

My name is Txai and I hope you enjoy the show.

So...what's up?

The Valentine's Day is coming for my American buddies and such. Some People in Gen Disc seems to start a fight against girls. Oh man...stop with this' date=' please.

Cause girls are beautiful and quite the beauty.

Aww yeah the Doom ReMixing Project started in December now. This project is going too fast.

I am working on a song of the project too. Specifically the Underhalls Theme. And...it's absolutely a honor to work in the same project of Mazedude, Prophecy, Mythril Nazgul and so on. It has some talented people there.

Oh well. This is very cool.

Ah, the Chrono Symphonic was released over one month ago. But this still kicks ass. Man, I strongly recommend you keep an eye there. Check it out.

Liontamer is still looking for people to join in The Tim Follin Arrangement Project. This one is inserted in the Request forum. If you're talented enough, you must be there.

And now in the Russian ReMix Roulette...

Sonic the hedgehog "Marble Dash" by Joshua Morse

Super Mario Land "Reel Big Mario" by JAXX

Vectorman "FloatingPointVectors" by 4-Eyes

Final Fantasy 6 "Relm WeepyLoop" by McVaffe

Dragon Warrior "Kingdom Come" by Unknown

and finally Shatterhand "Shattered" by Rubbler

All right. The show is done. I hope you liked it.



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Always open to suggestions, although I think it may be too soon for any drastic changes. Having Wingless on the show is crazy enough as is... ^_~

I'm not sure about any suggestions, because I'm not sure of all the things that could be possible, and the things that you both can do on the show. With all this equipment that you have Wingless, what sort of things can you get done that is different from the normal episode. And as a shameless plug for Pixietricks, I think she could sing for us on the episodes? lol perhaps a new intro song? perhaps interviews with some of the remixers such as DJPretzel, Destiny, Ailsean, etc.? maybe a reading of VGDJ fanmail or VGDJ fan instant messages? Like I said, I'm not sure any of my ideas are good, so I'm just wondering at the possibilities. thanks!

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You could always just post an episode or 2 in this thread as a loose MP3 until you get the access.

Been... too... long

Must... have... VGDJ... NOW!!

Don't wanna do that, because then all the people who get the show through iTunes but never visit the thread will miss out. Plus, we're definitely not gonna have a show until next week, and I should think that by then, Aurora (or Rayza?) will have passed on the info we need.

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How can this dude create such great entertainment? LOLOLOL!!! MAKE MORE!!!

Quoted for infinite emphasis. I already knew it is not really the podcast. But who cares? This is actually some good shit. Poor recording and awkward english makes it even hilarious. That voice looks so british and fucking hot. Good job, Txai. Seriously funny: from the ridiculous to the sublime. :wink:

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As if it'd be the end of the world... :roll:

Quit being an ass. Nobody said it'd be the end of the world.

It would, however, be the end of VGDJ, which is a podcast that a lot of people listen to, and helps promote OCR. :roll:

You've already made it very clear that you don't like VGDJ in its current incarnation with its current host. Making a post like that is just a bait.

Quit posting in this thread if you're not going to be constructive.

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Alright look...

Instead of whining and acting childish - which is obviously done in here like "OMG MAILBOMB THE CREATORS TO GET US A PASSWORD - ELSE VGDJ IS GONNA DIE! YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!!!" - there're a couple of possibilities. "If" (I put them in quotation marks on purpose) VGDJ is to die, then so be it. Like I said... it's not like the end of the world.

Pixietricks knowns exactly what's to be done to do an own radio show. Then why brag on and cry around for getting a "password" for VGDJ from the original creators if they don't feel like it. Would Larry give VGF out of his hands? Would D-Lux give VGMusic out of his hands? I could continue with all other shows too (Fusion Radio, Press Start, Nitro Game Injection, etc).

Isn't it easier to start something "own" rather than taking over something, even if it's hard to start at point zero? There're tons of pages out there to host podcasts. Ready to go in a couple of minutes (even layoutet). With your own show you can do whatever the hell you want. You have the brains, you have the equipment - be creative!

This is why I wrote it, not to show that I "hate" VGDJ. It's just not the same anymore. See it as your most favourite TV show - and suddenly in the middle of the season you have a totally new crew and main actors for the rest of the run of that show. Wouldn't that kinda piss you off too?

Think about it.

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