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Vampire Variations: A Musical Tribute to Castlevania


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Vampire Variations is a tribute album to the very first Castlevania game released in September 1986. Our aim is to celebrate the series' 25th Anniversary by arranging the whole soundtrack from the original game, while including various references to other themes from later games.

The project started about one year ago and is set to be released on October 31st.

Musicians and artists from several different places joined the project: come listen to OverClocked ReMix-ers (Guifrog, Brandon Strader, The Dual Dragons, Dj Mokram, etc.), Dwelling of Duels participants, The Shizz legends or simply newcomers to the VGM scene!

While the album has a strong rock/metal core, the variety of musical genres goes from Jazz and Acoustic to Orchestra and Electronic pieces.

The album also comes with astonishing art from artist FoxxDragon and his team who did an amazing job in recreating the atmosphere of the Demon Castle.

Be sure to give it a listen on Halloween! What a horrible night to have a curse...

Act 1: Nightfall and Tragedy

01 Stemage ft. Chris from Arm Cannon - Prolapse (Prologue)

02 The Dual Dragons - Flames of Passion (Heart of Fire)

03 VikingGuitar - Swamp Ripples (Stalker)

04 Lidawg - Enough Time to Dance (Out of Time)

05 Dj Mokram - Heartbeat Shift (Medley - Heart of Fire, The Silence of the Daylight, Ecclesia, An Empty Tome)

06 Guifrog - Wild Night (Stalker)

07 Brandon Strader - Vampire's Kiss (Vampire Killer)

08 Daemon9623 - What a Horrible Night... (Black Night)

09 Bonkers ft. VikingGuitar - The Gate of Nightmares (Medley - Poison Mind, Nothing to Lose, Heart of Fire, Out of Time, Black Night, Vampire Killer, Underground, Player Out, Voyager, Wicked Child, Stalker, Poison Mind -Another Nightmare-, Game Over)

Interlude: Prayers of Midnight

10 Chernabogue - Underworld Pulse (Underground)

11 SuperGuitarBros. - Of Whips and Strings (Medley - Prologue, Vampire Killer, Poison Mind, Heart of Fire, Voyager)

Act 2: The Hellfire Symphony

12 Daemon9623 - At the Gates (Prologue)

13 VikingGuitar - Ballad of the Gears (Out of Time)

14 Hat - Heartburn to Death (Heart of Fire)

15 Bonkers - Children of the Wicked (Wicked Child)

16 The Dual Dragons - Edge of Darkness (Walking on the Edge)

17 Omigadrive ft. VikingGuitar- Veneficus Mens Mentis (Variations on a Theme of Simon) (Medley - Poison Mind, Theme of Simon Belmont)

18 Chernabogue - 'And Now, the Finale' (Medley - Nothing to Lose, Illusionary Dance, Black Night, Player Out, Poison Mind)

19 Existence Zero - Path of the Voyager (Voyager)

Note to mods: Sorry if this is the wrong place to promote a such album, but since it has several artists from OCR, I thought I'd better post it here.

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I wouldn't have been cool with them selling the albums for profit.. and these knuckleheads printed up like a $60 poster for the album to put in a store, among other things.. I wouldn't be surprised if they funneled all the cash back into printing and marketing costs and still came up short. :-(

I will ask them because I want to know myself, I remember them saying they were going to print a pricy double-album with all the artwork pages though, and those are much more expensive than a regular single disc

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The "sale" thing is just a miscommunication problem at the moment that will be sorted very soon, sorry about that. Physical copies are going to be made based on demand simply for the joy people get from a physical version of an album and I have to stress, there is definitely no profit to be gained from them.

Anything after recouping costs for the creation of the physical copies will be donated to charity as discussed a long time before the album was released between the people involved.

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Thanks, guys. We're just a lot more comfortable pimping stuff that's either free, or $$$ AND licensed through Harry Fox, etc.

IMO, the only surefire way to handle covering costs of album printing is to sell at the ACTUAL cost per album, and not above, meaning prices more like $2-4, or to do a kickstarter, cut if off, and ONLY make that many copies, divided evenly among contributors.

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Considering the CD would come with a poster to boot I imagine it would actually end up closer to $8. In truth, I feel that we're far more likely to lose money on this than anything else but we've pretty much expected that from the start.

I've already went further than I had to out of pocket to promote the album where possible and I don't expect nor mind not seeing that money again.

Either way, sorry about the mix up concerning all that. Now people can talk about the actual album 8)

... Hat anybody?

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