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Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary - History


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The Game Boy 25th Anniversary Remix Album

The Idea:

April 21st, 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the classic portable gaming system, the Game Boy. But, for a portable that had over 600 games, was the launching point of multiple series that are still around today, and was one of the most successful gaming systems in history, it is woefully under-remixed. That needs to change, and what better reason to do it than a big celebratory remix album?

The Plan:

There are over 600 games to choose from in the Game Boy library, and that's just the 8-bit games. Each of those games has anywhere from a half dozen to a hundred songs used in them. That's tens of thousands of songs to choose from.

But that is far too many to choose from. WillRock and I decided that we have to set some restrictions in order to make this album feasible.

Rule 1: Only Game Boy and Game Boy Color games can be chosen. This removes all of the Game Boy Advance titles and cuts the list from over 1500 games to just about 600. Even then, that's still a lot to choose from.

Rule 2: Only one remix per game or series. This prevents lots of remixes from more popular series taking up most of the album. This also lets more obscure music from more obscure games get some attention. There is more to life than Mario and Zelda music.

Rule 3: Spin-off games are allowed. This exception allows titles that are based upon, but are still different enough from their parent game/series to warrant being counted separate. For example, Wario Land and Mario Land; Wario Land came from the Mario Land games, but stands as its own series. In the event that a remix of a spin-off game or series uses music originally from its parent series, it will be considered for acceptance, depending upon how much or how close it is to the original.

With those three rules, it may seem like a lot of choice has been removed, but really, it hasn't. Just look at the tracklist so far. It's a wide variety of games and it's not even the full list yet.

The Staff:

Project Directors: The Damned and WillRock. Shared duties and authority, this ensures that there should always been someone in charge to deal with any problems that arise. It also helps that WillRock's musical talent covers my complete lack thereof...





Brandon Strader





Level 99


Sir Nuts


While they aren't working on a remix right, the following people have asked to help with their own talents. If you need a vocalist or instrument, contact them to arrange something:

Orangedragan - vocals

The Remixes (in no particular order):

1. Batman - WillRock

2. Alleyway - Protodome

3. Pokemon Pinball - Halc

4. Dragonball Z - Legendary Super Warriors - Brandon Strader

5. Donkey Kong Land - Rexy

6. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 - Drakken (WIP!)

7. Pokemon (Main Series) - Dusk (WIP!)

8. Final Fantasy Legend - Moomba (WIP!)

9. Smurfs - TheGuitahHeroe (WIP!)

10. Castlevania - Sir_NutS

11. Mega Man - Lidawg

12. Legend of Zelda - TheGuitahHeroe

13. Solar Strike - Malcos (WIP!)

14. Crystalis - DaMonz

15. Kirby - Pu Freak

16. Metriod - AMT

17. Tetris - Nintendude794

18. Yu-Gi-Oh: Dark Duel Stories - timaeus222

19. Warlock - Argle

20. Duck Tales - Theory Of N

21: Action Man - Sixto Sounds

22: Super Mario Land - G-Mixer

23: Donkey Kong - Chernabogue


The Time Table:

April 2014 isn't that far away, really. Factor in a few months before that date to allow for distribution and website setup and all that, and we're actually talking more like January 2014. Factor in that all of the art, music and website stuff has to be ready before then, and we're suddenly looking at late 2013. That's almost two years, but it's still a lot of work for that amount of time.

That's why we're going to be adhering to strict time limits and deadlines. There will be some flexibility to allow for special circumstances, but mainly, we have to follow the deadlines. If we start going over them, we'll start to run into the time needed for setup and distribution. If that gets used up, we have less time to meet the release date of April 21st, 2014.

Want to Help Out?

With the large number of member that OCR has, there is a serious talent pool available. Anyone that wants to join needs to be either a skilled remixer, artist or web designer. Submissions aren't mandatory, but would help a lot.

Remixers. We need them. Without remixers, who would remix? Not enough remixers means not enough music for the album.

Artists. We're going to need album artwork, website art, CD cover, the whole thing. This may require more than one artist, depending upon how much we need.

Website designer. This will be the last big part of the project. We'll need someone that can design the site, make it and have it ready for OCR staff to put up for the albums release.

Et cetera

That's about it. We're aiming for a two year turnaround on this. It won't be easy, but it is doable. Other remix albums have come around in less time without suffering any quality issues. We can totally do this.

So, good luck, work hard, and remember to have fun with your work! Don't get too stressed! Get plenty of sleep and eat your vegetables!

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ahh i can't believe people are still uppercasing the first letter of my name

just sayin

also this project is going to be fucking awesome

Your name requires breaking writing laws if its the first word of a sentence. IT MUST BE CAPITALISED.

Also Damned... remember that Deadline we set? The december one? PUT IT IN THE TITLE OF THE THREAD LIKE RIGHT NAOW.

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Your name requires breaking writing laws if its the first word of a sentence. IT MUST BE CAPITALISED.

Also Damned... remember that Deadline we set? The december one? PUT IT IN THE TITLE OF THE THREAD LIKE RIGHT NAOW.


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- Tetris - a must

- Super Mario Land

- Super Mario Land 2

- Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

- The Castlevania Adventure

- Dr. Mario

- Battletoads

- Operation C (Contra)

- Final Fantasy Adventure (aka. Mystic Quest)

- The Smurfs

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Someone is already doing DKL but please, someone, make at least one arrangement of the Donkey Kong game (the ancestor of the Mario VS DK games). This game has a so great soundtrack, it'd be a shame not to have it featured here. :)

Donkey Kong GB was awesome; tried playing the ending theme on the piano when I was a teenager; good times :)

Ultimately it comes to the stance between franchises. Though, given the different main game mechanics and even main characters (DKL - DK & Diddy / DK GB - Mario) it might warrant a little difference yet.

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