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Games with powerful stories?


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So, I'm on another RPG kick and I've finished up Resonance of Fate and I'm in the middle of playing Nier. I LOVE the stories of both. RoF didn't have the best story-telling but the story itself, I think was great. I'm around the half-way part in Nier and it is beautiful. As the main character you have an objective but then there's this huge mystery about the world and the characters themselves. So, any suggestions? I'm a fan of dark stories with taboo elements - anything that hits your heart as well as your head.

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Heavy Rain. The personalities are a little weak but the plot and storytelling techniques are Hollywood level.

The first Dragon Age has some really powerful personalities, but the overarching plot is a little bleh.

Valkyria Chronicles has a good bit of epic storytelling but the personalities are, again, flat.

Skies of Arcadia has some awesome personalities and plot twists (and music) but the gameplay is a bit dated now.

My standards are very high when it comes to storytelling, so that's really all the games I can think to recommend.

Assassin's Creed series.

Also, Paper Mario Thousand Year Door.

Hmmmnnrgh.. (how do I disagree without sounding like a pri- oh my god I'm typing out my inner monologue again o_o)

If Thousand Year Door is the one with Peach and the computer, I'll agree to a point. That little side story was unexpectedly touching. I also kind of disagree with Viewtiful Joe. It was alright I guess. A little whacky. I agree with The Author about Fallout 3 being a good story but it's really brought down by bad storytelling/voice acting/animation/etc.

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Metal Gear Solid Series - Love it. Still need to play 3 and 4. Didn't pay as much attention to the story as a should have when I played but I'll get to it again.

Assassin's Creed - Love it. I'd say the story is good but not powerful if that makes sense. Cool story but it didn't really hit me like some games have.

Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door - Haven't played it but I'll give it a look.

Fallout 3 - Didn't like it along with everything else by Bethesda. Their games aren't bad by any means but they aren't for me at all.

Viewtiful Joe - Love it. It's like the essence of awesome distilled into disc form. That said that was a game I liked much more for it's gameplay that the story, which fit the game perfectly but wasn't a heavy hitter in my book.

Chrono Trigger/Cross - I've heard good things and plan on picking these up soonish.

FFVII - played it when I was a kid but never got anywhere. I definitely plan on giving it another shot along with a ton of other FF games (VIII, X, X-2, XII, XIII)

Heavy Rain - I've heard good things about it but I've been guaranteed by a good friend that I'd hate the gameplay, lol.

Dragon Age - With the exception of Fable I don't seem to like western "fantasy" RPGs at all (Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, anything with the LOTR vibe).

Valkyria Chronicles - LOVE IT! One of my all time favorite games for both the story and the gameplay. Was disappointed by 2.

Skies of Arcadia - A friend suggested me this a while ago and I'm definitely gonna give it a shot.

Keep the suggestions coming :).

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Also Tales of Symphonia was a great one too. It's a good JRPG and the story is captivating, but I don't know about touching or "powerful." It was powerful to me in the sense that I was very interested in the characters and events.

That game is so weird.

The bits of story I remember from it give me strange, tentacle-filled dreams.

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Skies of Arcadia definitely.

Also Tales of Symphonia was a great one too. It's a good JRPG and the story is captivating, but I don't know about touching or "powerful." It was powerful to me in the sense that I was very interested in the characters and events.

I've played all of Vesperia and a bit of Symphonia and I think I can safely say that I love the Tales series. The stories are simple enough but they're done in such a way that they really grab me. I'm seriously gonna cry if Xilla doesn't make it to America.

It suddenly occurs to me that I love a lot of games...

Also, as blasphemous as this sounds I have a hard time liking many 2D RPGs with the exception of Golden Sun. I know, I know, I'm a terrible person and my parents did a terrible job raising me :mrgreen:.

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Play all the Final Fantasies!

I've heard great things about 6. Should I add it to my list of games to play?

Six is probably one of the better stories out there. The mechanic of the game (espers) was somewhat flawed, and it started a nasty trend in final fantasies. However, storywise, it is one of the best games out there. Even today, Celes' theme from a pivotal moment in the game can still evoke tears, and the snowfield song from the intro is just the best song ever.

Play it, you won't regret it (well except if you regret missing out on that gem or the fact that no games like that are made these days.)

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I'm just waiting for this to turn into a Final Fantasy debate.

Also, FFVII's story was not inferior at all - it's just now it's so well-played out now and relies on different strengths than the others that people debate on it. At the time, it was pretty experimental and kick-ass to build so much of the story onto a single twist that few would've saw coming. Now you're just not internet 1337 enough until you're bashing FFVII as overplayed.

FFIX deserves a mention, if not that it doesn't break a lot of new ground but just that it was probably the most well-written and consistent in recent memory - up until the last dungeon at least...

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I'm gonna jump on a totally different bandwagon and recommend Bioshock, if you haven't checked it out yet. I was hesitant for awhile, but I can say this: while it's not immediately apparent that the story is all that impressive, it all takes an incredible series of turns partway through. If nothing else, the game leaves you thinking, and did an incredible job of weaving in storytelling with gameplay.

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