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OCR02327 - Minecraft "Squishy's Theme"


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I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy. Come here squishy. Come here little squishy. come-here-lo-i-de-da-ba-da.

*Snickers* That combined with this ReMix is great. :-)

Definitely a feel good ReMix, with happiness and tinkership abound. The only problem I have are some of the production highs that can come across as harsh, but other than that, it's a nice little pick-me-up song.

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I never played Minecraft, outside of a little of the original classic one just because it was free, but I realized that at its core it wasn't for me as I'm just not imaginative enough for that kind of game. Or I'd rather work in Blender if I wanted to build things with blocks lol...

Now onto the mix, it sounds great. Definitely a happy tune here. Reminds me of walking around on a bouncy planet in space just hopping around in low gravity. It also reminds me of Fancy Mel's place in Threads of Fate

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When I first saw this in the to-be-judged queue, fashionably early may I also add, I had no idea what prompted the idea to get a Minecraft mix in early unless it might've been a joke.

But hearing this back, it's anything *other* than a joke :)

It's a different way of mixing for TO as he took the source in a more upbeat fashion, and the original piano - although stripped down to melody and the occasional 2-part harmony - managed to face some good shuffling around to fit in a more lively atmosphere. The background synths to me sound really well manipulated with some tasteful modulation/slide action applied, and even the mastering had managed to take a gentle approach to fit the genre. What we have as a result is something that may be brief, but is also a very tasteful arrangement of C418's work.

Palpable might have brought up the synthetic nature of the piano, but likewise I'm practically with the thought that if any notes were made less even then it might've jarred the mix somewhat. What does make me think though is what could've happened if Bladiator was available to play a more elaborate piano part thanks to his bonding with him in the past, but to me that might've taken away the sheer simplicity and gentleness this mix has come through with.

Either way, what you did was made musical justice for Minecraft fans everywhere. And I'm absolutely sure that C418 would be proud of this one too, so way to go :D

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Great vibe, I love how CLEAN this sounds. I love Minecraft music, and you did it no injustice by fusing it with electronic beats. You added a lot of structure to it, and while the source is not 100% recognizable, it's got that airy Minecraft vibe to it.

Very clean, very "cute", and very full. I still have a ways to go to be able to mix clean, clear electronica like this.

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I'll be honest, I have NEVER like C418's music in minecraft, I have given it a chance, and I can hear the source, and this version, I LOVE.

I know there's a way to replace what's in the game with this. as it would be a PERFECT morning/First day of the game piece.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02327 - Minecraft "Squishy's Theme"

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