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OCR Secret Santa - The PMs are out!


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I like good comics and good books. I have mostly fantasy books but I'm up for reading anything good. I'm also always buying strings and picks and stuff like that so gift cards for Musician's Friend, Sweet Water, Zzounds, Guitar Center and other places like that would also be great.

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I think most people know this but just in case, I'm a girl. (I only say this because people have gotten confused on the forums before.) A girly girl, so girly things like accessories and stuffies are OK. Though I don't like chocolate. Also I'm vegan. Probably best to stay away from edible things altogether >_>

Err, sorry, to get back on topic... honestly I'd welcome pretty much anything. If you want to get crafty/creative, I'm cool with a song, or a picture, or a poem, or some handcrafted item. Or... if you want to get an idea of specific things that I like: Scott Pilgrim, Mario games, and Kirby too of course, graphic novels in general, um and turtles. But yeah like I said I'm fine with anything so don't feel like you have to pick something only from things that I mentioned here.

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I'm up for receiving anything! I've enjoyed all of the gifts I've received in years previous, and am sure I'll enjoy what I receive this time also.

I own a Wii, 360, and a nice gaming PC if my person plans on going a game-focused route.

If you are stumped for an idea, here's my wishlist on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/BardicKnowledge/wishlist/

I like having a nice long list of Steam games, so anything I don't already have is just fine.

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Let's see what I can probably throw in as suggestions :razz:

* I'm a girl so remember that if you're going for anything specific, though I'm not quite as girly as Amy so stuff like cosmetics and perfume are out of the window. I tend to invest my money more on gadgetry more than anything else.

* I have a Wii and DS (feeling kind of old now lol). But bear in mind that I DON'T have a freeloader on the Wii, so NTSC-format discs are a no-go.

* I'm a big fan of PS1 platformers (they to me were my glory days in regards to gaming); it's become obviously evident that I am a HUGE fan of Crash Bandicoot in particular, though I also have fond memories of Spyro, Klonoa and Ape Escape as well.

* I'm similarly open for some more ridiculous gift ideas, like some of the others have been stating. Though, be sure to keep the item clean (i.e. no NSFW stuff).

* I also use the USA iTunes store as well as the UK one, so I'm open for gift cards too if you can't think of much else.

And there we go, a few ideas from me :wink:

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I've been trying to get all the Bone volumes. I already have volumes 2 4 and 9, I'd love to get one more (or four. I'm not picky :P) Also, I already have the huge volume, but it's falling apart, hence the individual volumes.


The wife and I LOVE Zelda, and this colorful skin for our 3DS would be lovely :D


I'm crazy about trinkets and keychains, this would be perfect for the season :3


It's not -the- cap, but the cap I do have is silk and will leak colors :(


Been wanting one of these realllllly badly...

Anyway, I should rein it in. My wishlist, lady or gentleman randomly picked for me :3

Please don't feel pressured to get -anything- on this list, it's just stuff that I want. Whatever you choose to send me will be greatly appreciated. Just have fun!

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