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OCR01369 - Kirby's Adventure "Cosmic Transformations"


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This mix was one of my early favourites at a time where I was young and let a LOT of music pass over me without caring. Pretty sure it is impossible for this mix to pass over anyone.

This captures the universe of Kirby much better than the NES chip ever could. The music simply explodes with colour and character, bizarreness and sweetness. Fabulous use of transitions between styles; always unique and always true to the concept of the piece. It's crazy that with a mix this busy and constantly weaving in and out of phases, it still manges to have a flowing pace. Not to mention the amount of love and fun infused within every second of the mix. It's not hard to hear that Kirby MEANT something to Adhesive_Boy; it can't just be a simple melody he liked and decided to remix.

It's a definite classic for me.

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Man, that intro was weird as hell, especially with headphones on, but I liked it. It's got a lot of whimsical feelings in it and it just really fits Kirby's world. Love how much variety you put into the ReMix to keep the attention going and still managing to make it come off as a natural sounding song, like it was just meant to be made this way. Brilliant ending as well. Amazing ReMix!

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This may have been my favorite track off the Kirby album. I love the way it's produced, what with the harsh-sounding drums and then the whimsical instruments that provide contrast. It makes me imagine a silly Kirby in space, not knowing what to do, just running around like crazy. Maybe that's not as cool as it sounds, but it provides some pretty amusing imagery.

This is a great mix that manages to remain interesting throughout the entire song. I don't think it's aged poorly at all. Good stuff.

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Yeah I love this song, always have.

It is very unique and stands out on the album.

I think my favorite thing about this song really is its pacing... It's very patient. The pads are held in suspense in the intro... The song takes the time to chill out a bit and let us fill in the blanks... The builds are amazingly ethereal and really fit for a Kirby song.

The drums are so beefily-distorted, and paired with the bass, they really drive the song, which is otherwise long and flowing. It's a contrast that works REALLY well.

The flute is so cute, it's plain, but it's written with a lot of heart, and it really stands out as clear vs. a lot of heavily distorted instruments. Again, really good contrast. The brass also do this vs. the pads.

In other words, this song is a journey that I immensely enjoy, it's the kind of music you can either listen to deliberately, or can put in the background and chill out to.

It also really has an incredible amount of detail with the soundscape, pulling back, and flowing back in. LIKE WATER. Bruce Lee would be proud :) A+

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A few months ago I played this for some old housemates of mine. Midway through, the girlfriend of one of them turned to him and half-whispered "this doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before." I think that's probably the best compliment I've ever received.

That's why I love your music so much and why it's such an inspiration for me to do the same with my own music :P It really is like nothing I've ever heard before. If you have any more music beyond your posted remixes that you're willing to share, send it my way!

And I've probably listened to this remix 30 or more times. So good.

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So I recently burned this to an OCR compilation for the car, remembering how much I enjoyed "Adhesive Boy's" unique style. Given your old handle, it was definitely a revelation to learn you were female this whole time, but it's not so surprising given the soft beauty that most of your work has ;)

This track is one of my all time favorites from back in the day, as I think it captures perfectly the whimsical nature of Kirby's world.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01369 - Kirby's Adventure "Cosmic Transformations"

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