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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

Arek the Absolute

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*approves of Hemo's Floria cover*

Totally not what I was going to do, but I like this one just as much. I think mine was going to end up too complicated anyway. (All 4 seasons at once o_o)

Whoa, THREE Floria covers now? Wow! OK, from what I've heard Hemo's will be taken into the finished project (despite what Arek said earlier, but at that time Hemo was not on the project anyway) Awwwww, and it took me whole 2 minutes to do mine! T_T

But, just for you, I will post it here for your enjoyment:



Ohhhhhhhhh JOooooooooah, such a beautiful drawing, I love the pink face :o


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'friad not, what we really need is a near-professional writer that's incrediably familiar with the Milky Way Wishes storyline.

The project shall be completed no later than August 32, 2025.

And now, I present to you all: my Fatty Whale pic. :D


That is beyond awesome.


Just to let you know guys, this is the last weekend I'm spending at home this year before I head to Australia. Depending on the circumstances, I may be able to continue working there, but just in case, I'm working like crazy right now, so expect an update real soon.

(crap I have a lot of testing to do -_-)

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Isn't it looking hand-drawn? I mean, you can also draw shapes like that by hand, and in fact, I wanted them to be this way - after all, it's Kirby, and the backgrounds in Kirby aren't natural at all. Plus the rainbow is pretty kirby-esque IMO :)

It's just up to Hemo now and if he wants to top it like he did with my Floria cover :)

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I just noticed that all this art is really spoiling the book though. At very least take the Fatty Whale pic down. Confused

I agree. I changed my original post, and so long as you and Arek edit yours, then things should be done with Fatty (aren't you a project co-coordinator?).

C-C-C-Cavios cover FTW :)


Nice but isn't it supposed to have a handdrawn feel? The bottom and light looks awesome but the top rocks look too triangular and unnatural... maybe mess with those and it would be perfect

As far as I'm aware, the hand-drawn kiddy looked applied to the pages that involved Kirby and his interaction with things. As far as stage settings the style might be open.

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You know what, this Saturday's been one of the best days I've had in a long, long time. I finally got involved in this project again, and I'm telling you it's the most fun I've had in my life. :D We're doing something that's never been done before, and that in itself is exciting, but that isn't the main reason why this is so enjoyable. In fact, neither is the awesome art I've seen, music I've heard, or book I've built onto. I'm enjoying this because I'm working with good friends and fun people, and I have never laughed harder. Seriously, the conversations we get into on AIM, IRC, and even in this topic have made me fall off my chair laughing until I couldn't laugh anymore.

Arek, I totally owe this pleasure to you. Without your brilliant idea to turn a videogame into a storybook, none of this would ever have taken off. I'm glad to have you as a partner, and even more so as a friend. :) Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy, but damn, it's the truth.


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Hmmm.. I wanna update the storybook but the only stuff you guys will see are the new art and music that's been finished in the past month (maybe that's the point?). If you guys are persistent I'll have the new version uploaded before I leave overseas. If not, I'll devote my leasure time to more Mario Kart. :P

In case you're wondering why I didn't have time to finish it tonight... clicky...

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Upon KWarp's request, I have finished creating the mesh that will warp - KWarp, if you will ;) - the pages into the shape of the book. Since KWarp can't give directions to save his life, I made the mesh for the reverse side of the book, so it'll be a small process to get it to work. If you don't feel like doing it, or don't have Photoshop to be able to use the mesh, you can contact me and send me the pictures so that I can implement it for you. For the adventurous folk among you, I have written the directions to make the book shape for you. Enjoy!

OK artists,

So, you're sitting here, you've got this shiny, "finished" image, everyone likes it. You think you're on top of the world, right? WRONG! Why, oh why, Mr. or Ms. artist, is your image so FLAT?! Well, fear not, for I have the mesh that will fix ALL your problems. To implement it, follow the proceeding steps:

1. Save this mesh file to your desktop or somewhere else where you'll be able to find it and get to it easily.

2. Open your image in Photoshop.

3. Set the image size to 292 x 366 pixels (that's in Image --> Image Size, if you didn't know). I would recommend flattening it first (Layer --> Flatten Image). Make sure when you do this, you make it a layer, as opposed to "background." (If it says "background" in the Layers palette, double click on it.)

4. Set the Canvas Size to 300 x 400 pixels

5. If snap isn't on, turn it on now. (View --> Snap)

6. Set your image right up against the left side of the page, and nudge it up two pixels from the bottom.

7. Flip the canvas horizontally. (Image --> Rotate Canvas --> Flip Canvas Horizontal)

8. Now you will apply the mesh. Open the liquify panel. (Filter --> Liquify) Within this panel, there will be an option to "Load Mesh" in the upper-right corner of the panel. Load the book.msh file I provided earlier. Now your page should look like a book page.

9. Click "OK" in the Liquify panel, returning you to the main window.

10. Your image should still be backwards, though. To fix it, simply flip the canvas horizontally once again. (Image --> Rotate Canvas --> Flip Canvas Horizontal)

11. Save your image, and you're done! It should look similar to this Dwelling of Duels artwork which I applied the mesh to as an example.

KWARP EDIT: Flash can only identify transparencies in PNG (and gif), make sure you give me PNG to work with. >.>


Once again, if you're having problems with the process, have any questions, or have a picture you want me to warp, feel free to PM me or whatever. Good luck!

[edit]: small adjustements made according to Usa's post

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Hmmm.... is the "Dwelling of duels" originally written parallel to the bottom of the page? If so, your template needs some additional tweaking. It looks like it's going up a bit... My suggestion is to use a page with a grid, so you can see if everything is parallel and in the right place. It looks a bit strange to me.

Guess, shear is the better way after all :P

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