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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

Arek the Absolute

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Haha, I was about to say if you're missing a few people on the art team I might give it a shot. I'm usually better at hand-drawn stuff than computer stuff anyways :P

Here's some examples I've done, although they're not Kirby though.

Example 1 - Crash Bandicoot "Outdoor Showers"

Example 2 - Neopets "Dawn of the Mynci"

Example 3 - Pinocchio "The Happy Little Puppet"

I'd do anything to help a fellow coordinator :)

DON'T LET HER FOOL YOU! She causally forgot to mention one other piece of art of hers, one that I will now reveal to you....BARON PRAXIS!!!

...you're lucky, Rexy, I couldn't find it. ;)

Welcome aboard...I think. :D

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quickie. As you can see I tend to go overboard with shading. Is there any darker themed or looking pictures you need? I could give them a shot if you like the style although everything would needx ot be hand drawn since all I've got is ms paint and I'm kinda lasy to bother learning anything else right now.

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I think I remember why I originally set the WIP deadline for the 9th...

.. I have finals all this week. -_-;

-Cyan's on time

-Neo's on time

-CareFree Captain is late and has been out of contact

-G Man is late EDIT: but has turned in his WIP.

-Oltri is late and has been in contact. Shame on you. ;[

My time on these boards this week will be sparse, if any.

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I am actually here. I just don't have very much internet access at home since I've moved. And since school has started up again, and along with work, I haven't had much time as I'd like to say something. Expect something within 10 hours though.

EDIT: The WiP has been sent to Arek.

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I had planned on submitting stuff today >>;; I forgot to post and mention that Monday is not a good deadline day for me, since I have school all day and don't get back until late >_<

I'll have something completed either today or early tomorrow (no school today).

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I'm here, I showed Kwarp the 2 WIPs I made, sorry I would have more but my teacher (for 3 classes) is a major ass and is making me do 30 models that are due next week (and by models I mean 3D game models all textured, placed in Unreal and looking good....sigh ><)

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Mazedude has completed his songs. Good stuff.

Things are starting to wrap up in the music corner. Almost time for the writing.

Musicians, please sennd me the most recent versions of all your songs. It is really really really needed. Thanks.

ZZZZzzzzZZZZZzzz....HUZZA.. what? Waida Minuet! I'm a writer! Yay! I'm not worthless no more!!

:cry: ::sniff: I'm so happy...

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Alright guys, now that the project is winding down, there is something huge and very important that I will be needing from you guys.

1) A picture of yourself that we can use for your bio on our project website

2) A written bio about you. It should be formatted as like diz:

(a greeting from you)

(A little about yourself)

(Why you joined the project)

So basically.....here is an example:

Hello there, I am Arek the absolute. blah blah blah blah

I am 18 years old and currently working and in college etc etc

I joined the project because I thought kirby is cute and I was like zomg kawaii etc etc etc


This is very very important and I need both the pictures and the bio to be done and sent to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Please send them to my pm box when you are done.

Thanks guys!

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Can anyone send me examples of colouring styles we can use? There was a piece that was water-colourish a while ago but I don't know where it is now.

<Removed Link>

I sent Oltri a PM with that pic. Didn't want to show off all the art in the thread. ^_^; I haven't heard from Oltri in a week though. >.>


are you talking about this?

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Sorry, it's been a stupid week(s???) >_>;; I will try to get at least Mirror Kirby finished, but I probably won't be able to post it until Monday 'cause of New Year's.

I'll try to finish one part of Mirror Kirby tonight or something =[

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Do you want a pic/bio even for useless people like me? XD

Except, I'm still doing ONE more thing that KWarp really wants me to do. ... >_>

I'm going to work less damn it. I got a 35 cent raise and I need to clean my room and move out soon D: And I'm barely keeping my head above the homework water this quarter too. One extra class from before.

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