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Milky Way Wishes: A Kirby Super Star Tribute - History

Arek the Absolute

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So you WANT to release a project that looks half assed?

Hell no, I am about quality.

I want a project on a schedule. We're no Rareware.


We are working the best we can with what little staff we got. It isn't like this will be done in a day.

The songs aren't all done. There are some that aren't because the artists are having technical difficulties. This isn't like the other projects.

Everyone fucking chill. I will fucking do all the work if you guys want, but I want this to be of quality.

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Fair enough. We'll carry on this conversation in private.


We are understaffed. Some critical art is incomplete. Some critical music is incomplete. Arek can tell you where the writing is at. More staff means an earlier release date. For now I feel like we're getting nowhere.

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Thanks again :)

I've come to understand that the release is a little slow. (and yes, Arek's use of "Rareware" DOES make me think of that of Dinosaur Planet/Starfox Adventures O.o) Given that I've not much else to do before I go back to campus (other than a cold recovery) I would like to take up the Fighter image too.

Whichever happens, I'm all on to see how far this will go :)

[EDIT: Nevermind, I thought that was still up for grabs until I saw that Bean sent in an image on that O.o Oh well, nevermind. I could try one of the cover sketches instead but I need to know the standards on that before trying one of those.]

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Glad to see you're still up for stuff. :)

Aside from the covers and Time to Learn art, everything seems taken. I was hoping for one of our strongest artists to take on Time to Learn, but everyone seems kinda burnt out and Neo's working really hard on finishing Marx. If you can get started on that, that would be great. Follow the art sketches in the book for guidelines. Email me if you have any questions.


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Well the idea is the book is teaching the player how to use it. The art should show Kirby learning how to use the storybook. :P Hence there should be the following pictures:

Kirby discovering the book

Kirby trying to open/figure out the book

Kirby happily celebrating his understanding of the book

Something like that anyway. I highly encourage any artist interested in drawing Time to Learn to take a crack at it. It's very important that these pictures are done well.

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so like...


and yes, that first page still hasnt been updated...

i AM a writer you know!

Also, I don't suggest you press the leader for speed. Projects are about quality. Really.

Only causing conflict will cause conflict. Dur.

Arek, my new email is magininja (at) gmail . com

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Hey, im still here... and come on, you gotta give me credit here. Ive been in this project since it begun, and i havent done ANYTHING yet.

Save for telliing everyone how much there kicking ass! And as for how late we are, better late than never. Its going to be worth it in the end. Hang in there, kupo!

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Ok, so here is the deal. I pretty much got writing wrapped up, but I would like bongo bill and reddle to IM me ASAP so we can do t3h peer editing.

On the art side, things are going as they always are, if you know what I mean. KWarp, mini conference time? I know you have school coming up and I need to think of a way to make it so that this won't burdon your work.


Where is Usa?

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Google desktop archives all my aim convos. Here's what I've been up to lately:

August 9th to present for Bean

KWarp11: cool you're on

KWarp11: have you checked your email lately?

KWarp11: Bean?

Binjovist: Huh?

Binjovist: Email?

Binjovist: Um...

Binjovist: No.

KWarp11: >.>

Binjovist: That's bad, right?


me: found you! :-P

Binjovist: EEP!

Binjovist: *Runs away*

Binjovist: =P

me: *grabs shirt collar*

me: you are a week late sir

Binjovist: *chokes*

Binjovist: Oh, I know.

me: when can you get them done?

Binjovist: They're getting close...


me: coloring is fun

Binjovist: Indeed.

Binjovist: But not by numbers.

Binjovist: 'Cause then it's like someone's tellin' ya what to do.

Binjovist: Can't be creative that way.


me: *poke*

Binjovist: Gack.

Binjovist: Heheh. This weekend. I swear.

me: ;[

Binjovist: I'm trying to get a FAC entry done tonight so I'll have all weekend to dedicate to Milkyway Wishes stuffs.

me: FAC?

Binjovist: Fan Art Competition.

me: ahh

Binjovist: It's held every month on OCR.

Binjovist: Ermm... in the Gen Disc forums.

Binjovist: This month's theme is Zelda!


KWarp11: art art art

Binjovist: Yeah.

Binjovist: Not yet.

Binjovist: I had a flat this morning and had to take care of it.

Binjovist: Among other things.

Binjovist: And I'm goin' over to my grandparents a little later to help move something.

KWarp11: -_o

Binjovist: Once there, it's difficult to leave.

KWarp11: well at least you're not being lazy....

Binjovist: So, like last night, I'll be up till 7 in the morning.

Binjovist: Yeah.

Binjovist: That Darunia got finished.

Binjovist: I'm relieved.


KWarp11: Ivyna wins on so many levels

KWarp11: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/38801995/

Binjovist: Hahahaha!

KWarp11: I need to find a way to sig that

KWarp11: need a kirby Kyon first methinks

Binjovist: Oh, Beam's done by the way.

KWarp11: cool

Binjovist: I decided to just go with what I had.

Binjovist: The one you sent that I traced.

Binjovist: I'll probably end up doing the same with Plasma, though I could probably come up with something really cool-looking.

KWarp11: fair enough


me: art ;[

Binjovist: No art.

me: *sad*

Binjovist: I'm sorry. I've decided to give them all to you at once though.

me: Ooo

Binjovist: What was the size requirements again?

me: 300x400 or bigger

Binjovist: Okay, I resized them wrong then. =P

me: -_-;


August 5th to present for Neoftorte

me: How's Marx coming?

Javi 6363: haven't colored them and only drawn half of them

me: nice you're making progress =D

Javi 6363: lol

me: do you think you can get them all drawn by tomorrow?

Javi 6363: drawn out yea probably


Javi 6363: Hey, I don't have the current pics scanned but they are the same as the pics I showed before, just with Marx looking more correct

me: ah ok

Javi 6363: I'll show you those again so you can see,

Javi 6363: (link) I redrew the button part of this

Javi 6363: (link)

the top part of this one

Javi 6363: (link)

me: impressive

Javi 6363: (link)

Javi 6363: (link)


KWarp11: hey neo

Javi 6363: hey

KWarp11: I've been so busy today I just got on my computer ;_;

Javi 6363: i got to my PC 2 hours ago heh

KWarp11: nice

Javi 6363: i actually was heading to bed right now

Javi 6363: tomorrow is 8am class...so tired ><

KWarp11: heheh, good luck

Javi 6363: see ya

KWarp11: later

KWarp11: (work on marx rawr)


KWarp11: Hey neo, can you get Marx finished by tommorow?

Javi 6363: sorry but not possible

KWarp11: big project looming?

Javi 6363: I've had little time to work on it

Javi 6363: yea 3 midterms next week are due

KWarp11: beginnng or end?

KWarp11: *of the week

Javi 6363: all week

KWarp11: crap


KWarp11: How are midterms working out?

Javi 6363: not as good as I expected but I'm getting thru

KWarp11: allright, being not dead is good :-P

Javi 6363: kinda wishing i was :P

KWarp11: no no shame! you will do game work and like it!

Javi 6363: lol


me: how did midterms go?

Javi 6363: not bad I guess

me: will you be able to get marx done by tomorrow?

Javi 6363: all of it no, but I can have something done tomorrow

me: cool


KWarp11: I like coloring things =3

KWarp11: how has coloring Marx gone?

Javi 6363: coloring is fun

Javi 6363: not as much as I had hoped

Javi 6363: i'd probably would have had 1 or 2 done by now if I wasn't with my dad all day (his birthday heh)

KWarp11: nice

KWarp11: I have a flying toy

KWarp11: it's like a spinny wheel thingy with a fan on the bottom

Javi 6363: cool

KWarp11: it amuses me greatly

Javi 6363: nice

KWarp11: only 10 minutes of battery though =(

Javi 6363: :(


me: so what are you studing in class now that mideterms are over?

Javi 6363: studing?

Javi 6363: oh

Javi 6363: no

Javi 6363: my midterms were project turn in

Javi 6363: and still working on these projects

Javi 6363: making models

Javi 6363: fixing things my teacher hated with the midterm ones

Javi 6363: animations

Javi 6363: more modeling

me: it never ends o_O

Javi 6363: i wish it did timmy....I wish it did....

me: movie quote? :-P

Javi 6363: i dunno

Javi 6363: i call everyone timmy :P

me: heheh

me: well I'm off to cross country practice, work on Marx ya'hear?


KWarp11: marx marx marx

Javi 6363: i kniw i know i know

I not going to have time to babysit you guys when school starts next week. I have not done any work on the storybook code in the past 2 months because I'm too busy chasing after you guys.

I still have not seen Carefree Captain. We don't have artists working on Inside Nova or Time to Learn (both VERY important), and those artists who are working are doing so at a snail's pace. My patience is wearing thin.:?

Anyone watching this thread, please be a help and find me some fresh art talent. I need artists who can draw technology environments, fantasy-nature environents, and/or cute crayony stuff like what Bean draws.

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Kracko, Beam, Fighter, and Parasol (umbrella) are all finished. Plasma's all I have left to do. I know I haven't been that diligent, but I'm almost done. Thanks for being patient with me.

[EDIT]: When I get finished with my list of pics, and if you're still lacking artists at that time, I can take a stab at one or two of the covers as long as I have some good screenshots to use as reference. The two I'd be most interested in are Skyhigh and Hotbeat.

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Uh...ok? wha?...

Anyway I'm getting on it. I'm doing it little by little as my projects give me time to. And also Plasma and Bomb are done coloring just have to figure out what to do for a background (Beam, Jet and Ice are getting there...I messed up on Beam and Ice coloring).

I wish i could do so many things right now...Unfortunately I have to put my priorities on my projects or risk failing my classes. Anyway expect some finished work in some time.

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Heheh. Neoforte, KWarp gave me your beam pic and I colored it already. So, that's one off your back at least (unless you don't want to share the credit). This also means I'm free since Plasma was the only other one of yours left I had to color and you got it finished. If you want to send me one of the other ones I can help you get 'em done. :wink: Just upload it somewhere and send it in a PM to me. I don't want others to see what the images look like (so they'll be a surprise when they actually get to read it), but I can send you the beam pic since I feel it's only fair for you to see what I've done with your work.

I love your sig by the way. SAM and DRG FTW!

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