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The Gaming Year of 2012!

The Dual Dragons

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To me, 2011 was pretty dull until the 3rd/4th quarter, with Deus Ex, Skyrim, Batman Arkham City, Assassin's Creed Revelations etc spicing things up quite a bit.

However, looking at the lineup of 2012, I can't help but getting eagerly excited due to the amount of promising games coming out AND them being pretty well spread throughout the year. And with the Japanese gaming marked struggling, I have a feeling they will get back on their feet again next year!

Here's my to-buy-list of 2012:

Tales of Graces F

Mass Effect 3

Ninja Gaiden 3 (they promised better story than their previous entries, crossing my fingers for that!)

Ni No Kuni

Final Fantasy XIII-2

The Last Story

Xenoblade Chronicles (US release)

Asura's Wrath (looks CRAZY)

Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Assassin's Creed III (finally it's Desmond's turn to whoop @sses)

I haven't had a long buy like this since the PS2 era, barely even then lol

So what games are you excited for next year!?

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Well I'm definitely getting a 3DS as soon as I can, and I'll definitely be buying Kingdom Hearts 3D when it comes out.

Other games I'm looking forward to next year are the new Fire Emblem (provided it comes to the US), and if they celebrate Kirby's 20th with a surprise game (even though we just got two new ones) I'll get that too.

I'll also hopefully get at least a 360 (if all goes well, a PS3 too) next year and I'll get a shit-ton of games for those that I need to catch up on.

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The Wii U is my big gaming joy. But as for games of 2012, these are the ones I can't wait for:

Pikmin 3

Luigi's Mansion 2

Paper Mario 4

Fire Emblem 13 (I REALLY hope they release this one in the US)

I also look forward to Xenoblade Chronicles, but not so much as to save up to buy it on the first day. If I already have the money for it, great. If not, I won't bother until I get it.

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