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"Zero-G" album by halc (now available for free download!)


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Hey again, everyone! I'm happy to kick another year off in style with the release of my new album, Zero-G! This 10-track collection of glitchy, dubby, chiptune-infused beats, clocking in at just under a half an hour, is my longest, largest and most concentrated original offering yet. As usual, I'll just let the music speak for itself. :)

As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. Enjoy the music!

Album artwork courtesy Emunator. Such a stud. <3 Check out the BIG version here.

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This album is simply amazing.

You can tell that every single track in it has been made with love by halc. The album title is very appropriate, because every single track will carry you away, allowing your mind to soar freely as if you were floating in a room with zero gravity.

From beginning to end, each second is mind soothing bliss. I highly recommend you get this album. halc really knocked the ball out of the park with this one, but it is to be expected from this genius :P

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bit of a bump, I just wanted to let everyone know that the full 10-track album is now available for free/no-minimum download, so anyone who missed out or hasn't had the chance can grab the whole thing for free. my deepest thanks to everyone who purchased the album, spread the word, or even simply streamed the tracks in bandcamp. every bit of support means the world. :D Zero-G2 is on it's way!

get the album: http://halc.bandcamp.com/album/zero-g

preview a track from the upcoming "Zero-G2: Supernova": http://halc.bandcamp.com/track/other-drugs

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