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OCR01378 - Metal Gear Solid 2 "Salsa Snake"


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Un fenómeno para mí absolutamente asombroso y exorbitante. La disidencia cubana es una de las más tenaces y valientes. La única cosa que escuchaba era música tradicional cubana. Su entusiasmo de compartir su música con otra gente los llevó a trabajar juntos entre otros. La calidad total podería ser...claro, lo mejor no se ocurrió. Pero, creo que hay un gran trabajo. :)


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I've loved this mix for a long while since I saw it on vgmix. It's just awesome, you did a great job. To be honest, when I first saw it, I said to myself "nope, nobody can do the MGS theme in salsa, it's just not humanly possible...oh...wait....there it goes...alright....it's been done."

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Originally Posted by #ocremix

>i can so picture Snake and Raiden Salsa' dancing to this, lol

>well, raiden at least

>like a fag :P

Yeah? I actually have a MUCH easier time picturing Snake doing the dancing. He's got a much better sense of humor than Raiden, he just hides it well~

Anyway, as for this remix, I think it's hilarious. That's all I really have to say about it.

If it were ever recorded with live instruments, I think it could be epic.

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Exceptionally better than I was expecting. Actually a lot more serious than I was anticipating as well. The intro was pretty nice; elegant, with a great piano run leading up to the party.

The percussion is well layered and the bass line is suitably authentic, though I think the mid-high are a bit loud in it, making it sound more synthetic than it needs to. The piano is superb and really leads the mix. Also notably good are the brass hits; very effective and well programmed. Excellent hits, and the sax is pretty good too.

Overall a great mix, though I think a Big hit on the final note would have been a more satisfying ending. As is, it's still a keeper. :-)

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Wow,esto esta increible!!!!

Quien se hiba a imaginar que existira algo como el Theme de Metal Gear Solid 2 en Salsa!???

Para mi esta increible y me la disfruto el doble con esta sangre Puertorriquena que tengo ^_^

Ohhh y yo tambien me llamo Jorge Luis jajaja!!!

Buen trabajo,me la disfruto cada segundo!

Perfect out of 10 ^_^

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A stupid concept that works surprisingly well. Either the mixer was just lucky that his skills exceeded his creativity, or he was really smart and could foresee that there was potential in this sort of genre stuff.

I don't tend to enjoy game melodies crammed to fit into bizarre, ill-suited genres just for the sake of representing a genre, but I think this one is pretty damn enjoyable. It just sounds decent, to the degree that I just sat back and didn't argue it. It spices up the melody in a way I wasn't expecting, which resulted in me really getting into it.

The prominent brass is a great compliment to the original tune, even if it isn't as authentic sounding as humanly possible. It should, at the very least, show a lot of people how this sort of adaptation is done correctly, and that a lot of thought (or luck?) is crucial.

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