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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012


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Introducing OverClocked ReMix's...




Things have gone awry in the Sonic universe! A cosmic distortion of unknown origin has twisted the earth as we know it, causing locations across space and time to overlap. If balance isn’t restored, the planet will be lost! The only way to restore harmony is to race through the overlapping zones and create beautiful, masterfully-crafted, epically-awesome musical arrangements! Sonic fights to save his friends and eat chili dogs, while Dr. Robotnik fights to save the planet so he can finally defeat Sonic himself (he can’t let a space-time distortion take all the credit)!

So begins the first ever SONIC ZONE REMIX COMPETITION!!!

Current News

The inaugural SZRC has now ended! Congratulations Amphibious on your victory! Thanks to all the awesome ReMixers who participated in the competition and thanks to everyone who supported & enjoyed the tournament! It was a blast!

Grab the complete tournament ZIP file below, featuring all of the re-tagged compo songs, lyrics, album art/banners, plus some bonus tracks!


Complete SZRC zip (+bonus tracks)

Bonus Tracks only


Everyone's final assigned Zone themes are on this Roster Spreadsheet. Show your bracket pride by wearing your custom Bracket Sigs!



Voting & Results

Voting will take place in the SZRC Social Group. Voting instructions:

  • When voting, consider three things: how well the mix is made from a technical standpoint, the enjoyability of the mix, and—most importantly—how well the mix arranges both source tunes.
  • Do not post reviews in the social group voting threads. Please post any reviews here in the main competition thread. I think most people enjoy hearing what people think of their work, even if it's just a few sentences, so I encourage people to post some quick reviews if you feel so inclined!

  • Post only the name of the ReMixer whose remix you are voting for.
  • You are required to vote in each battle taking place during the round. If you don't, none of your votes will be counted for that round. This includes ReMixers as well; you need to vote in your own battle in addition to other battles.
  • You are required to make an actual decision between two competitors for each battle, meaning, you cannot declare a draw or a tie. This will be counted as not voting and your other votes for other battles will not be counted.
  • Post only once in each voting thread.
  • Everyone is allowed (and encouraged) to vote.


All entries must be sent to me (SuperiorX) by the 12PM EDT deadline via PM on the forums, with a link to a reliable host for me to download your mix from. Please submit your file as an mp3, preferably encoded at a high-quality VBR or 320kbps.

File names must be in the following format:

Remixer - Title (Your Zone Theme & Opponent Zone Theme).mp3


SuperiorX – Green City (Green Hill & Crisis City).mp3

You do not need to put “Zone” in your mix name. Your artist name and mix title can be whatever capitalization you want but the Zone themes must be capitalized properly (e.g. Green Hill, not green hill).

Properly formatted file names make it much easier for me to tag everything properly, which ensures good, consistent metadata on all the files that will be distributed to voters. You must adhere to this file name standard. If you don't, I will seriously consider telling DarkeSword. And you all know how much he hates it when files are not named properly. But seriously, name your files correctly please.


How does it work?

You, the ReMixer, choose any Zone (stage) theme from one of the core Sonic the Hedgehog platformer games (see below list of eligible games). Choose wisely, as this will be your theme for the entirety of the tournament. Once everyone has chosen a theme, they’ll be matched up with an opponent.

When the round beings, remixers will have one week to write a “VS. Remix”, that is, a remix that features the theme of their Zone and their opponent’s Zone.

When the round ends, a public voting period of one week will be conducted for each battle. Voters should consider production, enjoyability, and how well the piece incorporates both themes.

This competition will be a single-elimination style tournament. Win and move on. Lose and go home. There will be two brackets: a Sonic Bracket and a Robotnik Bracket. The two brackets will compete on opposite weeks, so there will also be music to listen to and vote on. This also gives ReMixers a one-week break in-between each round.

Can I collaborate with another ReMixer on one of my songs?

Yes, as long as you, the participant, is still the primary mixer on the song. That means you need to do the bulk of the arrangement, sound design, production, etc. Having someone contribute vocals or an instrument solo (or something along those lines) would be acceptable.

Which Sonic games are eligible?

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2 (8-bit Master System/GameGear)
  • Sonic Chaos (GameGear)
  • Sonic Triple Trouble (Game Gear)
  • Sonic 1 – 3 (Genesis)
  • Sonic & Knuckles (Genesis)
  • Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis & Saturn soundtracks)
  • Sonic CD (Sega CD - JP & US soundtracks)
  • Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 (Dreamcast)
  • Sonic Advance 1-3 (GBA)
  • Sonic Rush & Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
  • Sonic Heroes (PS2/Xbox/GC)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 – PS3/Xbox360)
  • Sonic Unleashed (PS3/Xbox360)
  • Sonic Colors (Wii)
  • Sonic 4 - Episode 1 (DLC)

Do I just pick a Zone theme then? Is it first-come first-serve?

I'll be doing a draft for Zone theme selection. If you're planning on participating, please post a list of five Zone themes you're interested in claiming, in the order of preference. Once everyone posts their lists, I'll go through and assign everyone their first-pick, resolving any conflicts with a coin-toss and moving down the lists as necessary. You will only be assigned one Zone theme for the competition.

When listing your picks please post the Zone title AND the game it is from: Angel Island (Sonic 3).

If necessary, also please specify the system/soundtrack. For example, Sonic CD has a US and JP soundtrack. Both are eligible. Someone could pick Tidal Tempest (US) and someone else could pick Tidal Tempest (JP). The same is true for Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis or Saturn).

When does it start?

The recruitment period will last around 2 weeks. We need at least 16 participants, but it would be great if we could get 32! So tell all your friends! The first week of mixing should begin on May 5th.

What about Boss themes/Special Stage themes/Title themes?

Sorry, but those aren’t Zone themes. Themes have to be from one of the main zones/stages in the game.

What about other Sonic games, like racing and puzzle games?

Sorry, but the compo is limited to “core” Sonic platformer games. Any spinoffs like racing, puzzle, fighting, crossover games are not allowed. See the approved games list.

What if the Zone I choose has slightly different themes in Act 1, Act 2, etc.?

When you choose a Zone theme, you can use all variations of that Zone’s theme from any of the Acts. Some Sonic games have slightly different themes in Act 1 versus Act 2. So for example, if someone chooses Hydrocity Zone, they (and their opponent) can use both Act 1 & Act 2 sources in their mix if they want.

In Sonic CD, a ReMixer would be able to utilize the Present, Past, Good Future & Bad Future sources. The one exception to this would be if someone picked a Sonic CD US theme they could only use the Present, Good Future & Bad Future sources, because in the US soundtrack the Past theme is the same as in the JP soundtrack. So that Past source would be reserved for the JP soundtrack.

What about Zones that have the same theme?

Only one theme can be chosen, we cannot have duplicates. For example, Green Hill Zone from the 16-bit Genesis Sonic 1 is the same as Green Hill Zone from the 8-bit MasterSystem Sonic 1. Lava Reef Zone (Act 2) and Hidden Palace, both from Sonic & Knuckles, is another example. If someone picks a Zone with the same theme, I will treat them as the same Zone and will flip a coin to determine who gets that theme.

Wait, isn’t this just like the Grand Robot Master Remix Battles, but with Sonic themes?

You got me… but hey, DarkeSword has a good thing going, why change it? Plus we can always use more Sonic remixes! :-D

Special thanks to everyone who expressed interested, provided feedback and suggestions in my original interest thread, and special thanks to DarkeSword who answered numerous questions of mine and has graciously offered to host the music for this compo on his web-space. Thanks!

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Here are my Top 5 picks:

  1. Lava Reef (Sonic & Knuckles)
  2. Mad Gear (Sonic 4)
  3. Star Light (Sonic 1 - 16bit)
  4. Metropolis (Sonic 2 - 16bit)
  5. Gene Gadget (Sonic 3D - Genesis)

FYI - this is how everyone should post their picks in the thread. Remember, ReMixers will only be assigned ONE track. We're merely listing 5 in case people pick the same track as their #1, then a coin flip will decide who gets that theme, while the loser will get their #2 (unless that results in another conflict, then more coin flips). Thanks!

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Also, AkumajoBelmont PMed me with his picks this morning, as he is working all day and was so excited he wanted me to post his picks ASAP :-D, so:

AkumajoBelmont's Top 5:

  1. Collision Chaos (Sonic CD - JP/EU)
  2. Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure)
  3. Wacky Workbench (Sonic CD - JP/EU)
  4. Emerald Coast (Sonic Adventure)
  5. Tidal Tempest (Sonic CD - JP/EU)

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4. Rusty Ruins Act 2(Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn))(

I spent whole thursday evening picking out those :D

Also, you don't need to specify Act 1 or Act 2. In most of the Sonic games they are so similar that it wouldn't really make sense for people to only pick one (especially if someone picks the other one), so if you pick that Zone, you can use the source of both Acts.

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I don't know if I'd be able to do the actual compo, but I am on hand to attempt sigs should they be required. Good luck all :)

Oh I appreciate the offer Rexy! I've actually got some pretty nifty sigs and bracket art I've spent a lot of time on to fit the theme (these mock-ups are from a month or so ago, I've tweaked them a bit since, oh and FYI - the background image will match whatever Zone you pick):



I've just been thinking about every aspect of this compo for the past month or so :-D But maybe we can partner on album art? I've got one design now, but I'm not 100% sold on it.

I think you should participate in the compo tho, since you are such a Sonic fan! :-D

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1. Dragon Road/Chun Nan Day (Sonic Unleashed)

2. Underground Zone (Sonic 2 GG)

3. Cool Edge/Holoska Night (Sonic Unleashed)

4. Sky High Zone (Sonic 2 GG)

5. Aqua Lake Zone (Sonic 2 GG)

EDIT1: fair enough Mr X. I've added four more tracks for principle.

EDIT2: allright Mr X. I've updated the list with the latest picks. ;)

@PixelPanic: sig limit is 250px height, but yours is 312px, potentially turning any thread into a gallery.

You can put banners side-by-side to save space or simply adjust them in height to fit under the limit.

Please be considerate of others looking through this thread. Thanks.

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Ooo, let's get the ball rollinz:

Rusty Ruin Zone(Sonic 3D Blast/Saturn)

Chemical Plant Zone(Sonic 2)

Spring Yard Zone(Sonic 1)

Marble Zone(Sonic 1)

Aquatic Ruin Zone(Sonic 2)

Hard choices lol. Also DS has a very awesome format for such an event don't feel like you're jive'n on his style. Don't fix what isn't broken as they always say.

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Whoops, my bad, I edited my roster. Lol I read the instructions, I was still oblivious of two different versions of that game in particular lol.

Thanks, I wasn't calling you out specifically, this was just like the third instance of that already, so I was just reminding everyone.

I didn't realize there were 2 versions either until I was researching all of this stuff a few weeks ago lol (I never had a Saturn, just a Genesis). I think Sonic 3D and Sonic CD are the only big instances like that.

EDIT: fair enough Mr X. I've added four more tracks for principle. :wink:

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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@PixelPanic: sig limit is 250px height, but yours is 312px, potentially turning any thread into a gallery.

You can put banners side-by-side to save space or simply adjust them in height to fit under the limit.

Please be considerate of others looking through this thread. Thanks.

I'm sorry, on my screen my sig is side to side with room to spare, but I can make them more compressed. There was literally no way for me to tell.

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Lol, Mokram I didn't even see you posted that, but I LOVE THAT THEME. I just edited my picks to include it :D

Well, now we know which direction the coin is gonna flip toward. :D

I'm sorry, on my screen my sig is side to side with room to spare, but I can make them more compressed. There was literally no way for me to tell.

Don't worry, it's fitting nicely now. Thanks for taking the time to do this. :)

@Superior X: list edited with more picks, per your request.

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But I'm gonna get knocked out in the first round due to odd voting politics...

Then again, if Brandon Strader and Jason Covenant had the same thing happen to THEM in Street Fighter, with THEIR first round matchups, then what have I to lose?

That's it - I'm in :razz:

1 - Emerald Hill Zone 2-Player (Sonic 2)

2 - Mecha Green Hill Zone (Sonic Chaos)

3 - Tidal Tempest (Sonic CD JP)

3 - Night Carnival (Sonic Rush)

4 - Ocean Palace (Sonic Heroes)

Now watch me fall at the first round to some unknown hack. I can just picture it now. :lol:

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