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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2012


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I'm not sure if you're at 100% capacity yet for this competition, if so that's cool... if not...

Nope! We're going for 32! Which doesn't look like it will be a problem at all...

EDIT: Holy fuck, I still have another compo to finish. Damnit, Sonic, you so distracting!

Hahaha, I can put you in the second bracket in case you make it to the final round of SF, then at least you'll have a little break in-between.

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I think they're the same. Sorry if there's confusion, I'm just familiar with the GC version of the game.

The GameCube version features an additional song that's used for the opening movie, which the Dreamcast version doesn't have. Otherwise, the games and their soundtracks are identical aside from SA2:B's expanded multiplayer, some changes in regards to Chao raising (due to the lack of a VMU for the GameCube,) and the removal of most of Big the Cat's cameos.

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That would be insanity... if we could actually get 64 people for sure, then maybe maybe I would consider it. We could call the first round "The Tilling" where we reduce the playing field from 64 to 32, hahaha. We could have the community fill out brackets too and whoever predicts (most accurately) the final matchup would win a prize or something.

Oh and someone needs to get Ben Briggs in here ASAP. He was super excited for this but hasn't signed up yet...

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So how many people do we have now? I thought sixteen was a nice number to cap off the recruitment, but that's my two cents...

We've got 23 at this moment. It's going to be capped at 32. Any more than that and it would just be awfully hard to organize logistically, especially the first round. Darke's Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011 had 32 people and it worked out fine. We'll be good.

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