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The Final Fantasy VI Remix Contest: Results are in, check first post!!!


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I did email and CC to your gmail account my submission last night but didn't see my name in your latest post on confirmed submitters. Could it be in your junk folder or you didn't see it yet?

Edit: I resent the email with a new, final version of my remix (3PM PST). Could you confirm you got it?

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I submitted at about 9:40 this morning.. And I'm certain it's going to get denied. :/ My first ever attempt at any sort of video game Remix. However, I will try to stay positive.

Edit: Oh, and Mr. Aversa, could you notify me if you've gotten it?

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Thank you for all your entries! Here is the final list of remixers, double-check that you're on here:



Gallen Wolf


J Blom







Jack Menhorn

Rexy, Brandon Strader

Sole Signal


Brad Stark


Cash and Change

Brandon Strader








Some people had multiple entries, so in total we had over THIRTY (30) remixes. Wow! It will take me a day or two to set up a good voting system and guidelines.

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A little load off my mind, but I'm not expecting anything too grand to come of this. I'll take it as it is; a learning experience, and try harder from now on. I'm wishing you all the best of luck, and can't wait to hear everyones projects!!!

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I've already made a "music video" for mine in the sad chance that it doesn't get selected for the album. I will hold off on uploading it until I find out what's up, but I'm so excited for people to hear this song. :-) And that first prize is soooo good. I'd love me some... well... all of that. Except the mics, I already have them, the 991 went bad and I upgraded to MXL 4000 - Best mic I've ever had. So on the chance that I do win, I might have to check with zirc about sending them to a runner up instead. :-P

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We're ready to begin the voting process. Before we ACTUALLY begin, I want to explain the system we'll be using and get any feedback on it in case I'm really missing something. This will be discussed for the next 24 hours or so and NOT LONGER, so if you have something to say, please speak up!

General Voting Info:

* All tracks will be completely anonymized, though you will be able to see what source tune(s) were used. Why: To remove bias for or against certain ReMixers.

* Track order will be randomized for each voter. Why: Again, to remove bias. Inevitably people will pay more attention to the first track they hear than the last one they have to weigh in on. Better to spread it all out.

* All voting will be private; only I will be able to see who voted which way. Why: Public voting doesn't have many benefits that I can think of. Feelings can be easily hurt if you see a person voted unfavorably for your mix when you expected different.

* The final results will be public. Why: Entrants deserve to know their final placement when all is said and done.

* I will release all remixes in a public rar/zip properly tagged AFTER voting completes. Why: As mentioned earlier, I want to avoid bias by people downloading all the tracks and picking favorites before they start voting. I want people to listen as they go along and vote.

Voting Process:

* I will be providing a link to a SurveyMonkey survey with 33 questions, one for each remix. The question will simply be "On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate this remix?"

* Voters will be asked to consider the production values, arrangement creativity and overall enjoyment factor of each remix when deciding on their rating. A rating of "1" means that they feel there are major problems with production and arrangement and the mix is quite unenjoyable, while a rating of "5" means they feel the mix is perfect (or near-perfect) and extremely enjoyable.

* Voters till be expected to rank every remix after listening. Links to listen to the remixes will be IN the survey itself. You MUST vote on each remix!

* Though it's expected that entrants will rate their own remixes highly, you must actually vote considerately and not simply give every other remix a "1". With 33 remixes, I will expect that everyone will find at least a few other remixes they really like. It's possible that you might really enjoy MOST of the mixes, and that is fine.

* I will be scrutinizing individual votes to ensure people aren't BSing and just rating a couple of mixes with 5s and the rest 1s.

And that's about it.

In short, you will privately listen to all 33 entries, anonymized and randomized, and rate them individually from 1-5. This will be your vote. The remixes that get the highest total point score will win.

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