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OCR02462 - Mega Man X "Stealth Lizard"


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Awesome. I was waiting a very long time to see if anybody would ever cover this tune. The chameleon boss always seemed overlooked in the world of mega man remix music. I think somebody else uploaded another version of this track a couple weeks ago, but it really didnt capture the aspects that made sting chameleon's stage music so neat. I'm sure it holds up for somebody who likes that "orchestra" stuff, it just wasnt my cup of herbal tea. This one I like better because it stays closer to the original tempo and style. Electric guitars and synth galore!!! I'll be listening to this one...:<


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The whole song's amazing, but I think I have a crush on that 1:45-2:35 break... Why the stegosaurus didn't I listen to Vurez's stuff before?! <3

...and then I realize that I actually did.

Haha, before I even found OCR (and was still using Finale 2010 lol), I found his MM6 remixes and started bugging him on his facebook page about what software he uses :P Vurez's work is awesome

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Damn, you really have to play this loud. It just demands it. I really love how Vurez is able to combine hard rock with ethnic sounds in many of his ReMiexs. The breakdown at 1:45 on up really is a sweet change up, but for me personally, the part I fell in love with was from 2:35 to the end. Very strong ReMix of Sting Chameleon!

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