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Happy Birfday, Antonio Pizza!

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So you're like 40 now, but you've got 40 really good years. Wishing you the best and hoping for another 40 or so years to come!

Am I the only one that's surprised that it's been 3 years since this guy posted.

Anyways, Happy B-Day Antonio. You will forever be older than me.

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The sad thing is it's been over 3 months and I'm JUST NOW seeing this. SORRY.

Dan - Thanks. You'll get to 40 one day. We can't all be teenagers forever like you and DarkCecil13.

Larry - THAX!(?)

$face - Donatello style. Thanks.

gifman - That never gets old. Thanks dude.

Nonamer - Thank you. Doesn't surprise me a bit, though it does humble me a tad. One of Disco Dan's super powers is to make people feel jelly doughnut squishiness inside. No, really. A jelly doughnut is pulled from hammerspace and materializes inside your stomach. It's wonderful.

OCRE - Thanks kiddo!

Mr. Strader - I appreciate the sentiment, and I would've rotted above Midgar for a while if those


rob2 = thirnks alot, animefreak. and you got it all correct, too.

$face (again): Yup.

Flash Strife: Yes, they are. +10 points for remembering that. +50 points if you have the AAY sig someone made several years back. +527 points if you can point out the first time I used it on OCR.

Crulex: Thanks, fellow KI fan!

B.Linds: A shout-out to you, just for g.p. *ahem* YOU'RE FIRED!! [/j.kirk]

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