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OCR02496 - Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, OoT & WW "Memories of an Ocarina"


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An amazing first mix.

This solo piano performance actually captures the feeling i get when playing the majora's mask.

Which is a overwhelming feeling of both doom and sadness for the impending moon coming towards us.

The combination of all the different themes is actually incredible because of how seemless it was.

Great work there Daybreaker can't wait to hear many more mixes from you.

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Oh does this create Nostalgia:cry:. True, Ocarina is now on the 3DS, and I have played Majora within the past year, but those were the games. The Song of Storms, is, and always will be, my favorite piece of game music of all time. Should this ever change, may I be "Thunderstruck" :smile:. It does flow, it creates a unison of the melodies, as the sages of old. The Song of Storms sticks out most to me, just because I listen to it every other day. Keep on arranging, do the justice that is deserved of the VGM.

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Finally! I remember finding this in the WiP-forum and being blown away, and since then I've had it on my phone listening to it now and then. This morning I had it set as my wake-up song, so I woke up very softly and nice. Then, when I sit down by the computer, what mix has finally been posted? This!

Great work again, Daybreaker, really hope you get your other stuff up here as well!

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