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FL Studio Remix Gauntlet -- Round 8 starts now, Round 6 results

Jason Covenant

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My song ended up being Zerg Two + Terran Two + a smidgen of one of the Protoss themes from Starcraft. Subbing it very shortly.

Can't wait to hear.. I loved Starcraft

EDIT: Alrighty soooo finally finished up an important original track... Time to sleep and then get going on my FL Compo track :P Hopefully I can churn something decent out in time

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Whew, 3 hours is not a lot of time to write track for sources you're unfamiliar with, especially since Soule writes really awesome complex music (who knew?). Got it done though, even though I'm not completely satisfied with it (feels kinda like I'm doing a disservice to an awesome composer D: )

Also holy shit, I was thinking 10 CT and was gonna wait till after I got home from work to sub. Good thing I didn't wait

Also if anyone looks at my project file, prepare your anus for EXTREME disorganization

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