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RWS 1-4 ReMixing With the Stars: Season 1 Episode 4: "Yesteryear"

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As we say goodbye to 2012, we remember other things that are no longer with us. All mixes should either:

  1. Be based on a source or sources from a series (at least 2 games) that we haven't had a sequel, spinoff, or remake of for at least 10 years, or
  2. Use any source, and be done in a genre of music that at least some people would consider "dead" (disco, ska, etc.). Let's not debate this--if there's a decent case for it, it counts.


  • Cash and Change with SnappleMan
  • Tuberz McGee with Argle
  • Kuolema with HeavenWraith / ectogemia
  • AlmightyArceus with pu_freak
  • The Eluryahn with DusK
  • Final Kingdom with Flexstyle
  • Shift7 with Prophecy
  • Esperado with hakstock

Since both HeavenWraith and ectogemia seemed a little unsure how much free time they'd have, and only agreed to participate if they were needed, I put both down as Kuolema's partner. I'll let the three of you work out which Star has the most time to devote to this--and if you have to change your mind halfway through, that's fine. Just one star should provide help with the final product, though.

I'd guess that the Community forum would be the best place to discuss a podcast. You can provide a link to it here.

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All mixes should either:

Be based on a source or sources from a series (at least 2 games) that we haven't had a sequel or spinoff to for at least 10 years, or

[*]Use any source, and be done in a genre of music that at least some people would consider "dead" (disco, ska, etc.).

Oooh. That's an interesting theme - looking forward to the finished products! Good luck to all.

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Just to make sure, it's okay if the game was released over ten years ago, even if it has since been uploaded to something like Steam or re-released on the PS3 network? There are a couple games I'm looking at, but they have been released as a download on the networks sometime in the 2000's.

EDIT: Also, if it must be at least 10 years old, that means some games from GameCube qualify. I suddenly feel old.

Would Skies of Arcadia count? "On December 26, 2002, an enhanced port, Skies of Arcadia Legends was released in Japan for the GameCube. It was subsequently released in North America on January 27, 2003. . ." ~Wikipedia. Technically it was first released on December 26 just over ten years ago.

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Rereleases in which the music hasn't been changed at all, such as Ecco the Dolphin, are fine. Rereleases with auditory "facelifts," such as Final Fantasy IV, are not (even if there hadn't been other FF games that disqualified it anyway). I can't think of an example where the original was remade, that doesn't also have recent sequels.

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There was some interest in Starting a podcast about the various going ons in the remix contest section of the forums. I figured this is a great way to get involved in the community and make some new freinds in the mean time. I dont know a great deal about podcasting or how to run one, so im opening it up to you all for some ideas and tips/questions

Would it be best if it were just for the remixing with the stars contest ( where the idea was brought up) or would a more broad scope of all the current contest news be preferable?

What time of month would be best? So far its been said that the second week of the month would be best as far as timing goes.

What type of content would you like in the podcast?

Would anyone want to cohost it?

So far interviews with the winners of the previous months contests as well as current pairings and contest updates were content ideas.

Either way, lets brainstorm!

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Interviews work. I think that an evaluation of the winning songs would be good. IDK who would host those evaluations, but they could look at theme, use of source, etc.

Perhaps in the interviews with the contestants the host could ask a bit about their background, not going into life stories, but enough to let us get to know each other a bit. Perhaps mention the genres you like, or your favorite OCR artists, things like that.

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Anyone who wants to discuss the podcast should PM me, maybe we could set up a group chat on aim or someplace else and discuss it there? just to keep it out of this thread.

You should be thinking more about the entry and less about the podcast :P

PM me with your source selection and questions/ideas as soon as you can so we can get started.

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About 38 hours to go, and I have zero submissions so far. Usually by the end of the second weekend I have a couple. I knownot to expect one from shift7, and Tuberz hit a (hopefully surmountable) stumbling block, but that leaves 6 teams I'm hoping have a chance to submit their entries. Don't forget!

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Do we put the source track name inside of the "game" section of the title or does it not matter? for example "novice feat star- rockinest remix (boss battle - ff8) "

I should probably revise that, but what I have now doesn't include the source track name. A youtube link to the source would be helpful, though.

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