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Pokémon X/Y and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire (Gen6) (3DS)


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That's Ishihara, the President of The Pokemon Company.

Anyway, confirmed differences between X & Y so far include version exclusive Pokemon (Clauncher- a cool shrimp thing, puffball fairy thing and Xerneas for Pokemon X, and Skrelp - a cool dark seahorse, a cute fairy bird thing, and Yvetal for Pokemon Y. There are sure to be other dfferences, such as exclusive locations like in the gen V games, Black & White.

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So what's the difference between Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?


Maybe he is new to this whole Pokemon thing? :lol:

And how do you control the 3D camera with only the 1 analog stick?

Well just an FYI: other games on 3DS (non-pokemon) use touch screen... dpad.. L/R buttons.. but not sure if Pokemon X/Y will even have a controllable camera if it is a top down RPG like the rest of the series. Series has never needed one

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Welp I did it, I took the hit and pre-ordered the Nintendo 3DS XL - Pokemon X&Y Blue Edition that comes out the day before my birthday. I say took the hit because shipping and sales tax was expensive. Ocre filled me in on why these Nintendo products aren't sold on Amazon, it sucks that we have to get screwed.

So naturally I'll be picking up Animal Xing New Leaf and Pokemon X. If anyone has any other recommendations, I'd appreciate it. I've never played a Kid Icarus or Fire Emblem game before so I dunno if it would be smart to start late in the story (unless they are remakes or independent stories without continuity from an earlier game).

I really don't know what's on 3DS at all. Ocarina of Time 3D? Yeah I could get that, never played the original.

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CoroCoro leak!


Initial starter evolutions, still pure-types at this point.


Mega Mewtwo X, a Psychic/Fighting Mega Evolution that is exclusive to X, just like the one we've been seeing is exclusive to Y.


Mega Garchomp, which has Sand Force (ups the power of certain moves in a sandstorm).


New Pokémon!

-A new Normal-type dog that has a customizable appearance.

-A Psychic-type cat that has differing appearances and movesets based on gender. The female one (left) is more of an attacker while the male one (right) is more of a supporter.

-New Fossil Pokémon! The top one is a Rock/Dragon (NEW COMBO) T-Rex that has the new ability Hard Jaw (increases the power of biting moves) and knows Crunch.

-The other Fossil is a Rock/Ice Diplodocus which has the new ability Freeze Skin (turns Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves and boosts their power) and knows Aurora Beam.


TYPE CHART!! Basically, we know the typing by now for the other types, though Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost. As for Fairy...

-Super effective against Fighting, Dark and Dragon

-Not very effective on Fire, Poison or Steel

-Takes double damage from Poison and Steel

-Takes half damage from Fighting, Dark and Bug

-Immune to Dragon.

so yeah. i hope that that T-Rex is X-exclusive; I want him.

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We're introducing a new type to address balance issues caused by Dragon typ- MEGA GARCHOMP

I wish I could like posts...

I'm wondering what the design philosophy for mega evolution is not in terms of their visual design but what they choose to give a mega evolution and why. The more that get released the more esoteric they feel.

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So the news came out officially in English now. Here's the differences between what CoroCoro revealed and what we know now.

-Chespin's evolution is Quilladin

-Fennekin becomes Braixen

-Froakie evolves into Frogadier

-The poodle is Furfrou; if you don't keep it groomed consistently its hair will grow too long and return to its default appearance

-The T-Rex is Tyrunt and is found via the Jaw Fossil

-The diplodocus is Amaura and is found via the Sail Fossil; it's ability is now known as Refrigerate

-The Psychic cat is Meowstic

-Team Flare's 5 scientists are Celosia (purple hair), Aliana (orange hair), Bryony (green hair), and Mable (blue hair). Xerosic, the lone male of the group, has red goggles and hair


-The actress Karune is to be called Diantha.


More type changes have been announced as well, though these more pertain to certain moves and status effects

-Grass-type Pokémon are no longer affected by Leech Seed, Spore, Stun Spore, PoisonPowder or Sleep Powder

-Electric-type Pokémon can no longer be Paralyzed

-Ice-type Pokémon can no longer be Frozen

-Ghost-type Pokémon are no longer affected by moves that trap them such as Mean Look

oh, and since it hasn't been mentioned here, Litleo evolves into Pyroar. (Male on left, Female on right)


lastly, here's a preview of some alternate appearances you can use via the salons and boutiques.




You can check out a full album of today's released images here

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