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OCR02609 - Street Fighter II 'Shoto Spirits'

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Awesome. I loved the half-time sample-rate-reduction segue into the solo. Really captures the feel of the original AND expands significantly. Sweet funky bassline as well. Well done!

PS: You made me figure out how to make a specific type of sound I couldn't wrap my mind around before now. :<

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2 Akumas, Gouken, Ken, Ryu, Sakura, a tiny bit of Dan and three JSJ's with one of them being THE DUKE!? Damn, you guys don't mess around. In a way, I'm kinda glad someone finally put the Hado folks themes together in one kick-ass ReMix. And you said "Ryu" right! The section after 3:13 sounded weird, but cool at the same time. I don't think I can really nitpick anything with this ReMix. So recommended.

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This is still one of my favorite remixes of all time!

There are many great layers to this track, but the unison and interplay between the electric guitar and the traditional Japanese instruments is what really kills it for me.

Of course, The Duke's cameo is also some sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

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