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MAGFest 12 - Post-MAGFest Depression hits again

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It looks to be Baltimore/Washington international. Also, anyone know of cheap places to stay the night on sunday? i didnt wanna have to bail early on sunday to get to the airport so im flying home the next day.
You can stay with me. I already sent you the nightly rate in a private message.
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Here's the space available in my room at the Gaylord in the OC ReMix block:

1 Wednesday: 2 open, 4 occupied

2 Thursday_: 1 open, 5 occupied

3 Friday___: 0 open, 6 occupied

4 Saturday_: 0 open, 6 occupied

5 Sunday___: 2 open, 4 occupied

The soft limit is six people per night. Everybody in the room on a given night has to agree to add more people before I will allow it.

One of the two queen beds is claimed for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday by a couple that will need to get good sleep. Please be respectful.

In the same vein, alcohol consumption in the room is very strongly discouraged, as it will interfere with the ability of others to sleep. On second thought, I've decided to forbid it outright. Go enjoy yourself in the other OCR rooms if you need to drink, but don't bring that stuff in the room. If you have an issue with this, contact me privately. If you cannot follow this rule, you will have to leave.

The total cost for the room is $171.60 per night * 5 nights = $858. Divide that by 25 slots occupied to get $34.32, which I'm calling $34 per person per night. If any more slots get filled between now and MAGFest, that cost will drop for everyone. Please invite your friends!

If you're feeling generous, I'd appreciate it if you tossed in an extra dollar to overcome the $8 deficit I'd otherwise have to eat.

The first names of the people who are staying are:

Andy, Joe, Amanda, Cody, Mike, Cheryl, Rondell, Jesse, Tina, Anthony, Jon

If you don't see your name on this list but thought you were staying with me, I apologize, and let me know soonest that I forgot you!

UPDATE 9 Dec 2013: Added Tina

UPDATE 15 Dec 2013: Added Anthony

UPDATE 15 Dec 2013: Removed Matt, tentatively replaced with more Anthony

UPDATE 15 Dec 2013: Slightly less Anthony :(

UPDATE 17 Dec 2013: Removed Madeline

UPDATE 17 Dec 2013: Added Yulia :razz:

UPDATE 17 Dec 2013: Added Jon

UPDATE 29 Dec 2013: Removed Yulia

UPDATE 30 Dec 2013: Added Bobby, strengthened alcohol rule

UPDATE 30 Dec 2013: Added Adrienne

UPDATE 31 Dec 2013: Removed Bobby and Adrienne

Edited by Unununium
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There's a shuttle that runs from the airport to the closest WMATA/Metro stop, which gives you a lot of options as far as getting to the Gaylord. It's the cheapest option but it takes quite a while. You're definitely best off if you can find someone to give you a ride.

Anyone in the area that could grab me on the 1st? worst case though, i dont mind bussing it. I use public transit here at home and as long as i get there by the end of the day on the 1st, then im game. I chose to fly in a day early for that exact reason.

Ill message you unununium about the room!

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Anyone in the area that could grab me on the 1st? worst case though, i dont mind bussing it. I use public transit here at home and as long as i get there by the end of the day on the 1st, then im game. I chose to fly in a day early for that exact reason. !

I went to supershuttle.com and made shuttle reservations for $17 each way so I wouldn't have to worry about it for months on end. That's what most people recommended I do.

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i ended up planning a route using the local metro system. theres a shuttle the takes you from one of the green line stations straight to the resort, so all is well!

I didnt realize there was an airport in dc as well as baltimore. Common sense i suppose, but ive never bought plane tickets before, so at least its the right state!

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Dulles can be easy.
Dulles can be pretty rough too.


Dulles International Airport. When traveling to the land of vampires, why not depart from Hell on Earth?

Actually one time I got stuck at Dulles overnight. It was a terrible thing, and I wound up being forced to buy new tickets just to get home. Interesting part was that Dulles wasn't even on my original itinerary! I was supposed to go to Dallas, but that flight got canceled "due to wx" (actually due to equipment failure, but with weather they don't have to reimburse), and a two-faced bitch working for United shoved me and my coworker onto a flight to Dulles, promising us hotel and a flight in the morning. No boarding pass, no record of us flying at all, we were essentially stowaways, and when we landed, we got nothing. Night manager asked us how we even got there. We didn't let him go home to his family until he gave us hotel vouchers. And as I already said, we had to buy new tickets to get home.

Protip: don't fly United

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getting really really excited for this! Just a couple of more weeks!

I was planning on booking a train from syracuse to d.c. this time to help make sleep deprivation less of an issue. It looks like I'll be getting off at Union Station near the Japanese-American memorial that is 20 or so minutes from the hotel. The problem is that the cheapest reservation dumps me off in D.C. around 1am on friday morning. Probably not the best time to be there. Are cabs pretty easy to get at that time or should I be looking at a different day?

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Cabs in DC that late are a shot in the dark if it's not Friday and Saturday when they expect to make a ton of money off drunk people on the bar circuit, but there might be one or two around. I'd still suggest you try for a different time of day if possible though, especially since busses, the Metro, and shuttles won't be running that late.

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