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Relaxing VGM Source Tunes

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This is not a favorites list or any kind of thing like that. I'm merely looking to expand my playlists at both work and home for when I'm crunching code and answering correspondence. Anything that is relaxing or chill. I am asking for source tunes, not ReMixes.

I will provide some YT examples when I can access it but stuff along the lines of Waterworld & Jurassic Park 2 for SNES, the ice level from Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse, the fish music from Mario Paint, downtempo piano stuff, select songs from the Silent Hill series, etc etc.

Doesn't matter what system they are on, just gimme gimme gimme!

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Well, I think the Ecco the Dolphin songs go without saying, particularly 'Songs of Time' from 1996 which is the original composers vision of what the music in the original games would sound like if made properly not on the mega drive soundcard (oops, does that count as a remix?)

I've always had a soft spot for 'The Longest Journey's' soundtrack as well. It's a little engaging but, particularly if you've played the game and know the story, FULL of meaning.

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I have a "sleepytime" playlist of tracks I listen to when I'm going to sleep sometimes. Here are some of the game tracks I have in it. Keep in mind, not everyone will agree that these are "relaxing" (especially some of the SimCity 3000 ones) but I fined them relaxing.

Ar Tonellico III - Somniloquence - The Land Resonates - Lifeless Rain Falling - A Transparent Wind - Phaze Shift - On A Night Filled With Shooting Stars

Chrono Cross (Mostly acoustic stuff here) - Arni Village (Home World) - Arni Village (Another World) - Lost Fragments - Forest of Illusion - Guldove (Another World) - Voyage (Another World) - Guldove (Home World) - Chronomantique - Marbule (Another World) - Garden of God - Jellyfish Sea - The Girl Who Stole The Stars

Dark Cloud 2 - Rainbow Butterfly Woods - Tree Spirit Jurak - Peace of the World - Stella Valley - Stella Magic Temple - Veniccio - Gundorada Workshop

FFVII - Dirge of Cerberus

If you have not listened to this soundtrack, you should. There's much more that I would consider relaxing than what's here. Masashi Hamauzu is amazing. - Calm Before the Storm - Fragment of Memory - Silent Edge - Memories With Lucrecia - Lucrecia Crescent

Final Fantasy XII - Seperation With Penelo - Game Over - Eruyt Village - Abandoning Power - Time For Rest

Final Fantasy XIII - Sulyaa Springs - The Gapra Whitewood - Mysteries Abound

Katamari Damacy - Que Sera Sera - Katamaritaino

Napple Tale - A Guitar's Rhythm - Be a Frog - たまご

Sigma Harmonics (more Hamauzu) - Flowing Time - Who Is He Anyway? - Visiting Again Soon

SimCity 3000 - Building - Window Washer's Dream - Central Park Sunday - South Bridge - Night Life - Updown Town

Sonic Adventure - Snowy Mountain - Event: Unbound - Event: Goodbye

Sonic Adventure 2 - Dive Into the Mellow - Deeper - Bright Sound - Lovely Gate - The Base

and a few others: - Final Fantasy X - Besaid Island - Final Fantasy X-2 - Besaid Island - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Cheap Shop - Magna Carta II - The Sights of Abazet - Fly For Fun - Flaris - .hack//G.U. - Desktop

EDIT: Oh, and Animal Crossing.

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Here are some I usually listen to when I just wanna relax:

Xenogears: - Singing of the gentle wind - The treasure which cannot be stolen

Tsugunai Atonement:

- Morning fog in the village

- Early afternoon in the village

- Evening in the village

- A peaceful temple

- Eternal soul

Chrono Cross:

- Dimension breach

- Dream of the shore

(I'd list more from Chrono Cross but ToN already has it covered :P)

Xenoblade: - Beyond the sky

Radical Dreamers:

- Le tresor interdit

Vagrant Story: - Joshua 2

Final Fantasy 12:

- Near the water (omg ToN how did you miss this one :P)


- Lost to the waves

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