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Holy moly, Gotta say, I listened to this a few times in the past couple of years. I guess beforehand, I never really just understood why it garnered so much attention but now, I come back to it aft

Heyo, long time listener, first time poster... I think... if I've posted before on another account then it was a long time ago and I've totally forgotten.

So first off... One of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. I would dare say it surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody if the legendary Freddie Mercury weren't so freaking legendary. So I'll have to settle with a very well deserved tie in my book.

The second thing I have to say though may make me come off as being dumber than a bag of rocks and for that I apologize. I'm having trouble determining which characters are speaking and keeping the scenario straight in my head. If someone could help me out it would only further increase my enjoyment of the song. Again I'm sorry if this makes me sound dumb but I typically have trouble with interpretation.

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amazing remix! i got chills at "I'm never givin' you up"... <3

@sixtywatt: the singers are Draco, Maria (briefly), and the chorus (which i assume represents enemies of him and/or his family). The song starts at the end briefly and then goes back to the beginning and goes from there. the lyrics denote the time of each scene as well.

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Thanks a bunch, really cleared things up. You're awesome :)

EDIT: I've been pouring over the lyrics and a few details still elude me. So let me see if I have this straight.

Draco loves Maria (Pretty obvious)

Unfortunately Maria's brothers don't like it too much (due to some family rivalry I'm assuming)

So after finding this out Maria's brothers hunt Draco down with the intent to beat the crap out of him (If not kill him)

In the fight Maria gets stabbed (This is where I get a little fuzzy, does Draco stab her accidentally?)

And now the gang is out to really kill Draco and he's prepared to die having lost the love of his life (and potentially being the cause of that)

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Well, here we go. I've floated around OCR for at least half a decade now and have sometimes wondered when this day would come. I've finally hit upon a piece so amazing, I can't resist praising it publicly, so I've finally made an account to get my word out. Thanks for that, Jake.

This is a truly fantastic work, expertly channeling all the operatic drama of the original with the face-melting power of a rock ballad. I've been a fan of Virt for a while now but even so, I'm amazed that he's created something so moving and so professionally done. The piano work is touching, the choruses are charged with intensity and not a single note is out of place! This is truly a work for the ages; Freddy Mercury would have been proud!

On that note, I was just as impressed with the vocals! I saw earlier that a couple people were disappointed with the vocals and couldn't help but think he sounded like Weird Al. I definitely hear the resemblance, but having been an Al fan since childhood, the resemblance doesn't bother me much. Speaking more to Tommy's vocal strength, I suppose a little more power might have been nice at times but his voice already comes off as reminiscent of a couple power metal bands I could name, so I don't think more is necessary. There's a lot of varied sections in the piece but nonetheless, I think his voice manages to fit in remarkably well throughout it! Great job to both of you! I'll be listening to this constantly for a good long while!

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I know everybody already said that this equals, if not surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody, but it cannot be said enough. I get goosebumps every time I listen to this. This mix has single handidly raised the quality of OC ReMixes by massive heights. It's going to be a LONG time before somebody can top this. Awesome work!

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Looks like I'm not the only lurker coming out of the woodwork. I'm here to post, yet I have no proper words...just that I could not turn my system volume up loud enough to give this credence. Wrenching, hype-infused, it keeps me up at night. Thank you for this, Jake, and OCRemix!

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In a way it's sad.. I mean he just made the most epic song POSSIBLE for human ears... You can all pack up and return home, there is nothing better to be done...

Seriously it's ridiculous... I didn't think that I would ever experience this in my life but IT IS as good as Bohemian Rhapsody.. I have no doubt in my mind that Queen would have been proud to do a cover of this during their shows haha !!! :)

I now have this life goal of making every human I'll ever encounter in my life listen to this!!!!!

Me again, sorry but I'm just so in shock over the quality of this track..

I just wanted to congratulate virt on the lyrics, really that are absolutely terrific!!

By FAR the best lyrics ever written on OCR but overall great lyrics that can stand amongst the best of the best songs!

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[21:04] <Bahamut> kristi posted this earlier btw: Nobuo Uematsu on Jake's arrangement: "I was shocked! I have to buy a glass of beer for this guy!"

[21:04] <Bahamut> on fb

[21:05] <@Liontamer> yeah, Don Kotowski from SEMO shared it with Uematsu, and that was his reaction to Impresario

Hilarious reaction. Hope it happens for the hell of it.

What's more to say that hasn't been said already? One of the album's biggest highlights. Quality work from Jake as usual. The brilliance is meshing original lyrics with the in-game ones and turning what's essentially an opera-inspired track into a rock musical. It sounds like a terrible idea on paper, a recipe for disaster even...but the execution is absolutely awesome. This transformation has Moulin Rouge written all over it in my opinion. The vocals are excellent. The guitars, piano, and drums are played really well and sound great. If any of his previous work was an indication, this track alone should be the reason why any game company should hire Jake as a composer or arranger. I've been a fan since I heard his "Blood of Ganon" Zelda medley on DoD many years ago. I know I may sound corny by saying this, but I felt that at that time, he was something special.

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This one is bringing out all the lurkers eh? Awesome lyrical work, awesome vocals, awesome everything.

I recognize the song that comes in at 1:52, but can't figure out where I know it from. Is it from FF6?


At 1:52 it's just more of the opera stuff but at around 2:54 or so I believe I hear a bit of Aerith's theme from FF7 O.O

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