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OCR02720 - Final Fantasy VI "Fiddlesticks Rag"


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Yay ragtime! One of my favorite "not likely to be used a lot in an arrangement these days" kinds of music! The double violins and piano combined really well for this song, and hearing the violins go through several different kinds of playing was awesome. Certainly an interesting and fun take on the Spinach Rag that I'll probably have on repeat for a long while. Great ReMix.

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I really love this piece! The violin/piano rag well married with the original track. I enjoy how we retrieve the original atmosphere with acoustic instruments; and an impressive performance in violin. I’m not familiarized with this instrument, and I only can foresee all its possibilities. I hope hearing more arrangements like this on OCR :) Great job!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02720 - Final Fantasy VI "Fiddlesticks Rag"

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