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BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III - History


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While that probably doesn't mean much, coming from the album staff, I must say that I think the quality is much more consistent than it was with the two previous volumes. Granted, the mixers had to take much more crap... ehh... I mean: feedback from us (leading to much more hours of work for the mixers), I think that most (if not all) mixes would pass the OCR bar. I really think that the mixers have really pushed themselves to create the very best they can - and I'm very grateful for that.

Yeah I had to bend over my back a few times, and I definitely appreciated the help from you and Timaeus lol...probably will still have trouble being posted despite all the help - it's my luck here >_<

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Took longer than I thought, but I'm on the final render! It's about 98% there!


Done for now, now on to Mak's very quick fixes! (5:40)

EDIT2: DONE and rendering! :D (6:09)

EDIT3: Complete and posted on the forums! (7:52)

EDIT4: More edits as per Jordan's request are going underway. (10:12) Almost there!

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