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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]


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I think I'm about to turn in something. A WIP : D

Totally been stressing on it, and it may seem clunky (like a bunch of ideas pasted together) but it's something.. I don't think it'll win but it's better than nothin, : D

These compos are really hard. Serious props to everyone who is able to pull out good stuff every other week with the same exact source. I'm usually decent at arranging stuff but this just compo just stressed me out lol (or at least this particular song did) Hope y'all will like what I do have.

can't wait to hear everyone else's btw.. and maybe i'll get a chance to listen to this weeks stuff too.

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FINALLY finished, fuck 4:00 AM this time sucks it probably doesn't even have any friends

Anyway sent you a PM Matt.

EDIT: I had reviews written but then accidentally backed out so here's a quickie:

Smooth as hell, raps were on point, you guys are killing me making these votes so hard

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Didn't sleep. Up all night. Done! Bed! Wake me when the tracks are posted in a few hours. :<

I had a freaking blast working on my track this week. If anyone enjoyed the first part of the storyline to Sonic Colors. You may possibly very well enjoy this remix! I've wanted to do something like this for awhile now. Dreams really do Come True! :)

Looking forward to seeing the tracks this round!

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I have all the Robotnik Round 2 mixes except Pete's. Hopefully he didn't fall asleep :razz: Dis round gonnna be gooooooooooood, the Robotniks have not disappointed.

1 hour left to still vote on the Sonic Round 2 mixes! Each matchup was still super close when I last checked!!!

I did fall asleep, but I'm back up now, should be able to finish on time

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OK Sonic Round 3 match-ups are live!

  • ladyWildfire edges out halc by one vote, setting up a match-up with Sir_Nuts
  • Amphibious defeated Hakstok by 5 votes
  • SuperiorX defated jnWake by 5 votes, setting up a match-up with Amphibious

Mixes are due next Sunday, March 2nd at 12pm (noon) ET! Robotnik Round 2 music will be up soon!

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