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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]

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I'm away from my computer at the moment and will be getting back later than expected due to weather, so the Round 2 tracks may be up a little later than normal. I'll try to post the Robotnik Round 2 matchups here at noon.

I still need jnWake's track. DJ Max-E will unfortunately not be turning in a mix.

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SZRC Edition Vol. II

Fashionably Late as always.

You're Too Snow!

Really enjoying the snow like vibes from the intro. I think the guitar stay at one level in the mix too much though. Would

have liked to hear some tone changes. Maybe a double tracking or a synth layering for some sections. If you were going for

a live sound, which is possible with all that reverb, then it works. Really good use of both zone themes!

Synth Snowman

Some interesting avant garde sounds in this one but probably unintentional. Very tough to pick out the themes at times but it

was a pretty good effort. Sterling it's great you are getting started this early in your life. Keep at it and you will get

some great stuff going!

No Love Lasts Forever

InTro WAs a ComPLetE MIcHaEl JacKsOn RiP oFf! Kick Snare Kick Clap? yEa, ReAL oRiGinAl... WhAt iS tHis 1985?! GeT sOmE

tAleNt Ya sHMmMmMuCk!! NEXT!!

Call of The Phoenix

Orchestra remixes are kind of a funny thing. Sample libraries are either great or completely unusable. This remix might not

have the best samples but they were used very well. Though the violins really stood out to me in a less than great way when

they took the melody at 00:56 mostly because the articulations were unnatural and the vibrato was really awkward. Find

someone who has a decent set of orchestra samples and see if they would mind working with you on this! get it subbed!

Double Cross

Nice intro. Enjoying the sweep. This is definitely going somewhere. Crap it's dubstep NEXT!!

... just kidding. Production is fantastic with a great sense of depth and movement from background to foreground. Though

with Death Egg being your pick for the Competition I was hoping to hear more of it. Nice job though!

Sininen Sili Silai

Classic ROck sOunD oHh yEAa!! Despite the (intentional) shoestring budget demo sound the guitars all fit together pretty

well! Can hear each one very distinctly. Just a small section around 1:58 gets a little hairy but otherwise awesome job!


Good matching of similar sounds used in the source. Though I would have personally like to hear more of an aural 'splosion

at 00:45. You had some good energy building but all that was lost after the 'splosion! Keep tabs on what you have in the

center and what you have panned outwards and don't be afraid to cut the bass out for a beat or two before those moments. Try

to make it as obvious as possible and it will come across well!

Hedgehog Reboom

Spoken word intro? Man, you GOTTAA RAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I like to use images to help get the best performance. 1-red3.gif1-red3.gif1-red3.gif

Look at something like that right before you record and it will help get some more out of you. I think some of the issue is that you used too much disonance at the wrong times which adds to an overly lethargic

feeling throughout the remix and that probably had an effect on how you did the vocals. Not bad, just not kickin' quite as

well as it could have. Hope to be hearing more from you in the future!

Smooth as Ice

Really like that sax. Can actually hear the keys clicking at the start and feel the spit coming out of the end of it. I

would kind of like to hear the sax take a break for one of the melodies though. Let someone else have the spotlight for a

few beats you know? Very nice remix hope you can submit more of these to OCR!

Frozen Heart

Awesome production... despite the auto tuned vocals. :) Awesome work!

Twisted Chemicals

... and here we get into Chemical Plant. Also reffered to as the next Sonic Track to be remixed Ad Nauseum. An Ice Cap Zone

in progress. :) Very nice arrangement. ...and I'm not just saying that because I have nothing good to say about the mixing.

That's great too! Going to be listening to this one for awhile.

Chemically Groovin'

Oh man, getting Shenmue vibes at the start! It sounds you have something great here it just needs more elaboration. Sadly

1:23 quickly throws away everything you set up so well. When you go back to this one I would delete that last 20 seconds or

so before doing anything else as it's not in key with the rest of the remix. It's really just that lead too that's killing

that section. Far from unfixable though! keep at it!

Ruinous Ruins

For not being a Sega person phonetic you sure nailed this one. :) I'm a major sucker for that specific Genesis FM bass. Get

the megaman out of there tho!

High Adventure

This is one matchup I was really looking forward to seeing. I had no idea how it would turn out since Bingo Highway sounds

like it was written under the influence of someone obviously coked out and Wing Fortress Zone that is no one's favorite Sonic

2 level. Love the wide bass drum when that hits. Very good remix that sees Bingo Highway through the lens of Wing Fortress

Zone. Though that did make it tougher to pick out the parts that were Bingo at first.

The Perfect Bingo

Perfect buildup too. Though on my Sennheiser Cx215's something in that snare is killing my ears. I'm guessing it might be

the compression. Regardless it's a very solid Bingo Highway remix and must have been a real challenge for both remixers to

incorporate both themes.

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Sorry for not voting in time y'all. A lot of things just popped up and I wasn't able to get to it..

Fortunately I have a little more downtime this week than I thought, so I'll hopefully be able to get a good song done by the end of the week. I'm gonna start as soon as the matchups are posted, hope you guys enjoy a different style this week!

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OK - the Robonik Round 2 match-ups are official now. The first post graphic is updated with the match-ups. Tracks are due next Sunday, February 23rd at 12pm (noon) EDT.

There were quite a few voting discrepancies this round. Quite a few people didn't vote in all the match-ups. Please remember to do so, so your votes count! Thanks!

Sonic Round 2 mixes will be up soon.

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OK - I'm having some issues encoding and tagging the Sonic Round 2 music on my laptop... I'm working remotely and am away from my main computer. I'll have the Sonic Round 2 mixes up later this evening when I get back home. Sorry for the delay guys.

Robotnik Round 2 match-ups are live though, so you guys are good to get started.

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Tuberz vs Garpoc: faces will melt.

haha, i had no idea people were looking forward to dusk matching up with me. Glad that round didn't disappoint!

Tuberz has gotta be one of the coolest people on these forums. If given the option he always votes for his opponent no matter how close the results might get. HOWEVER! I am kinda still burned on how his rock and metal remixes for the WCRG over the summer consistently outplaced mine. :banghead: ...by no small margin either.

So now i'll be looking to square things up!


Get ready to shred Tuberz!!!!

Edited by Garpocalypse
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Yeah I remember us getting into a discussion about this stuff last Sonic compo. Everyone kind of has their own balance of what they listen for the most. While its agreed that arrangement, production, and enjoyability are 3 key factors, exactly how each one is weighed to the listener will differ from person to person. Since the competition is based on mixing 2 competing sources together, its certainly not wrong to prioritize the arrangement aspect! So long as errybody gets their vote on :D

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Bear in mind that "how well both sources are used" doesn't have anything to do with the capacity in which the sources are used. The goal isn't a 50/50 arrangement (though that's not a bad thing either), the goal is a well executed and coherent arrangement

I know I already harped on it in the WCRG so I apologize for the rerun, but I think it's a point that needs to be emphasized. A structurally sound arrangement isn't necessarily going to be a 50/50 mix

EDIT: Yep Amph pretty much got to everything before I did. Also Skwisgaarpocalypse

Edited by Phonetic Hero
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