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SZRC - The Sonic Zone Remix Competition 2014 [TheGuitahHeroe wins - complete ZIP available!]


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OK votes are tallied! A couple of close calls!

Robotnik Round 3:

  • Tuberz McGee vs. TheGuitahHeroe
  • Flexstyle vs. Phonetic Hero

The first post graphic is updated. Mixes are due next Sunday, March 9th at 12pm (noon) ET!


Sorry i have no photoshopping skills

Congrats to my worthy opponent Tuberz! It was a close round.

Now you better win this thing or else!!


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After getting through the first two rounds by default, he leaves the third by the exact same circumstance that his opponents went through?

Seriously, how much did Wildfire pay for him to leave? :<

I sacrificed my sleep schedule for this extremely anticlimactic win. The exchange rate for these deals is really unbalanced....

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Posting track comments is so much easier / more manageable when there are only a handful of tracks :razz:

ladywildfire: I love the subtle fade-in / build-up intro and that Aqua Planet melody sounds exceptionally catchy here. I really like the reverb heavy guitar too - it sets a nice atmosphere, which is really completed by the your vocal entrance. I really like the various vocal glitching processing stuff you did starting at 1:00, that was a really cool idea! The middle section was a nice change-of-pace too. Nice build-up back up to that final section too. That harpsichord (?) thing was another nice instrument change/switch-up. This is such a fresh and fun mix overall. Really nice job Beth! And who is this mysterious mr_n00b? He did a great job with the guitar elements! :)

Amphibious: I love the intro. The high-pass filtered percussion elements (at least they sound that way) on top of the electric piano bits sounds sublime. I'm really digging the authentic Genesis sounding bass around 0:45 too. I've been really impressed by the synth and bass processing on all your tracks in the compo, but this one really seems to take the cake. This is such a killer arrangement too: a really clever and fresh use of Marble Garden and the Metropolis B melody bits at 1:45 were just perfect IMO. Sweet Marble Garden synth noodling afterward too :) Transitions are good and I think the whole song actually flows together great, and that ending really caps it off. This is probably my favorite track of yours from the compo, nice job! As much fun as I had making my MJ track, I'm honestly hoping you win our match-up cause I think you hands-down had the better & more complex arrangement and I want to hear at least one more Amphibious tune this compo ;-) Plus I'm kinda running out of Metropolis mix ideas at this point, hehe.

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And who is this mysterious mr_n00b? He did a great job with the guitar elements! :)

He's one of my best friends from college, and he's been teaching himself guitar for the past few years. I figured I'd give him some more incentive to practice, and throughout this compo I've discovered that I really love working with live samples when remixing. I'm sure he'll make more appearances in my future remixes.

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You're doing a pretty darn good job, considering how bad FL is with audio :P

(Coming from another happy FL user)

How is it bad with audio? I mean, maybe if you record into it.

Currently my super-streamlined workflow (at least for my own samples) is:

1) Record into Audacity while FL is looping the backing music, do 1-3 takes in a row, and render them out.

2) Import samples into Goldwave, cut out the empty parts before/after the sample and split the samples apart if there's more than 1.

3) Open new instance of FL, import recorded audio (and sometimes the backing audio), open Melodyne and fix all the timing/pitch errors, then export this.

4) Then FINALLY import into the actual project file, slap some Maximus on it (I finally learned how to use it!) and mess with the effects.


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I used to record in a separate application, until I realised how crazy the workflow was compared to it just going direct into the main project.

FL has comp lanes for recording doesn't it? As in, you can record in a loop over and over and it just keeps creating takes on a new track each time? (I don't use FL so pardon my ignorance). That'd be a much more seamless way of doing things, provided your computer can playback everything and record at the same time that is. Way better and quicker than mucking around with 3 programs IMO. Do takes into project, align them, punch in record an overdub to fix that particular word you didn't hit right, align, make sexy, repeat.

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That'd be a much more seamless way of doing things, provided your computer can playback everything and record at the same time that is.

Yea but I kinda doubt my computer can handle that, since it stutters during normal usage. Plus it's a lot easier doing Melodyne edits in a separate progam because you can use the output in more places than just where you recorded it in to.

I'm perfectly fine doing things the way I do. I also still use pattern blocks in FL, which everyone tells me is way less efficient than clips, but it's the way I do things and I feel it would take too long for my taste to adapt to something different.

And hey, isn't it the output that counts? :wink:

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