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VGM to run with ?

Frederic Petitpas

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Hey, in my quest to become Mister Universe, I stopped McDonalds and started running in january. It feels great. However, I need some music to match two things... and a compromise is needed :

1) my heart rate

2) my jog speed

My max heart rate should probably be the limit not to exceed for music (187 BPM according to my monitor) and I'm pretty sure the speed is about or something 160 BPM (sorry, didn't test).

Soooooooo... need music between 160 and 185 BPM.

Music with a steady beat please (rock/metal/techno).

As you can see, I did follow my 2014 resolution this time. It's worth it.

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Drum & Bass is generally higher than 160 BPM, so...

Born From the Ashes ~ Apex 2014 Album ~ Me

The End ~ Identity Sequence ~ zircon

Chaos Nightmare ~ OC ReMix ~ PrototypeRaptor

The Search for Ambrosia ~ OC ReMix / Deus Ex Album ~ zircon + Jillian Aversa

Blast Beatdown ~ OC ReMix / DKC3 Album ~ zircon + tefnek

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Thank you so much man. Don't be shy to share any of yours.

I hope Wes will chime in, he's the boss according to this chart :

LEVEL 1: VERY INACTIVE: 80-100 steps per minute = 2 mph (30 minute mile)

LEVEL 2: LIGHTLY ACTIVE: 120 steps per minute = 3 mph (20 minute mile)

LEVEL 3: MODERATELY ACTIVE: 130 steps per minute = 3.5 mph (17-18 minute mile)

LEVEL 4: ACTIVE: 140 steps per minute = 4 mph (15 minute mile)

LEVEL 5: VERY ACTIVE: 150 steps per minute = 4.3 mph (14 minute mile)

LEVEL 6: EXCEPTIONALLY ACTIVE: 160 steps per minute = 4.6 mph (13 minute mile)

LEVEL 7: ATHLETE: 170 steps per minute = 5 mph (12 minute mile)

LEVEL 8: ATHLETE : 180 steps per minute = 5.5 mph (11 minute mile)

LEVEL 9: ATHLETE: 190 steps per minute = 6.0 mph (9-10 minute mile)

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Arena of Rage from Witcher 2 -

Dynamite Rider from No More Heroes -

FF3 Final Boss Fight -

Pulled straight from my running playlist. I try to match them to the rhythm of the run, not so much the heart rate because heart rates are involuntary. Happy running, may your playlist smite all.

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You have a tendency to zone into the music and stop paying attention to your body, which is dangerous with long distance running - not paying attention to signals your body gives is often a recipe for a serious injury, which I have seen many runners experience (including myself).

6 miles in an hour isn't bad - your goal should be continual self-improvement though, so you should try to best that :P .

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