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Oh my goodness, best free plug-in ever.

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You know all of those cool glitchy effects people do? You know how much work it takes to try to automate all of that crap? Well, this dude made this free plugin called glitch, and you can get absolutely INSANE effects right out of it. I've been playing with it for the past 10 minutes and instantly all of these great ideas are popping into my head of uses for this bad boy. Get it, love it.

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First, you're late. About half a month.

Second... it's not really free, the creator just thought "V2 is on the door, why should I charge for V1 -thanks for the support?!".

Third: It's not the best tool ever, it's one of the best "stuttering" tools of all those tools out there (Phutboy Slim, Skidder, Devine Machine Diablo, Crazy Ivan).

Fourth: I fear the day everybody uses this effect in a remix and is like "yeah I can do cool shit" and the judges are like "yeah but this shit sounds like ass - rejected"



VST, DirectX instruments and effects thread


God dammit name your thread propperly!

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All the interesting homebrew free and cheap VST's are windows. Hardly ever are there Mac versions. That's one reason I don't think I'll ever move to OSX for music (though Windows on a Mac is possible).

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