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OCR02957 - Streets of Rage 'Streets of Rave'


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Nice production here. The resonant noise sweep that you used a few times suffered a little from YouTube's compression, but it's all good in the MP3 (maybe a little too bright/resonant compared to all the other sounds). Sorta straightforward of an interpretation, but good use of the stereo field to maximize the immersion during the less four-on-the-floor portions of the arrangement. I especially liked the ring-mod frequency automation at 3:04. Also, just a little note, but the kick sample you used seems like it can also work in dubstep. ;)

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I feel like Koshiro does not get NEARLY enough love on here, between Streets of Rage, Etrian Odyssey, and ActRaiser (to name a few), there's a large amount of great material that no one has even touched :dstrbd:

Needless to say I was really happy to see this show up, and even happier once I started listening. I can always tell a track or performance is really good when I just start smiling uncontrollably during it :)!!

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