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OCR03060 - Pokémon X 'Born from the Ashes'

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Neat remix, very intense -- Tim knows how to create realistic guitar sounds with Shreddage (something I hope to master someday lol!) Some cool synth choices, especially during the creepy breakdown in the middle. As always, solid production and a crazy soundscape. I won't tire from Tim's mixes! :D

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If you’re a fan of the Pokemon X/Y soundtrack (especially this battle theme, which might be my second favorite from the soundtrack), I would highly encourage that you download this. Incredible arrangement. I absolutely loved 1:20 – 2:05, as it sounded like it was retelling the moment one of those three legendary Pokemon is gearing up for a powerful attack, launching it, and then just standing there waiting for you to do something about it, but you can’t cause you’re too intimidated. And when the track slowed down a little, and then picked right up near the end. Flawless work all around.

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