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RWS 3-2: Iron Remixer Challenge: Bleep'

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Season 3, Episode 2: Iron Remixer Challenge: Bleep'


The Iron Remixer Challenge is a theme based on a particular instrument or effect, called the "secret ingredient." Remixers can use the secret ingredient as a "main ingredient" (lead), a "spice" (harmony, pad, arpeggio, or other accompaniment), or both, but should make an effort to take advantage of it and illustrate its use, i.e. to "best express the unique qualities of the theme ingredient."

This round's secret ingredient is ToneBytes Bleep'!


Bleep' is a VSTi synthesizer that simulates the sound of the Commodore SID chip. It has an interface that's simple to understand while retaining many powerful options.

You can download it from the ThaSauce page or from CNET.

If you remix on a Mac or a DAW that doesn't support VST's, you have permission to fake it using whatever tools are at your disposal.

Allez remix!

About ReMixing With the Stars

ReMixing With the Stars is intended to give beginning remixers some support, encouragement, and mentoring in their quest to become great, and as a sidenote, to become posted remixers. Beginners are mentored by experienced remixers to push their abilities to new heights and submit collaborative works according to the theme of the month.

Who's a "Star" and who's a "Novice?"

There are no fixed rules on this. Originally, RWS treated anyone with an OCR mixpost as a "Star" and anyone else as a "Novice." Later it evolved so that anyone could elect to be a Star, but posted remixers couldn't be Novices. The reason was because a lot of really good remixers expressed a lack of confidence in their abilities and didn't feel they were good enough to mentor someone else, but RWS gets a lot more Novice than Star signups.

Now anyone can sign up as either, but please be honest with yourself. If you have several direct posts to OCR, you're probably in a better position to give help than receive it. If you have a giant bowl of Wooden Spoons from PRC and mostly only win by default, the reverse is probably true. But if you feel that you're pretty good and your OCR submissions just get NO'ed due to minor nitpicks, go ahead and sign up as a Star if you want. If you have been posted but each submission takes you months and multiple resubmits, feel free to sign up as a Novice. Or not, it's your choice. If you're on the fence, bear in mind that being a Star is a much smaller time commitment.

One caveat: This should not be your first attempt at creating music in a DAW. The Stars' job is to provide mixing, production, and arrangement advice. It's not to teach you how to choose or install a DAW, load VST's, work with a MIDI piano roll, arm your microphone, etc. If that's where you are right now, try PRC or MnP as a first compo.


  • Enrollment/Pairings:
    • Stars: Sign up by posting in this thread that you're available. Mention any time restrictions or or other limitations you might have, or if you have any particular strengths you'd like to offer (playing a live instrument is a great one).
    • Novices: If one or more Stars have signed up, just post to claim one! First come, first served. Get in touch with your Star as soon as you claim them, and get started on your mix. I encourage Novices to rotate between multiple Stars to get different learning experiences and perspectives, but if the same people keep signing up week after week, repeat pairings are fine. If there aren't any unclaimed Stars, feel free to post to say that you'd like one.

[*]Mixes: The Novice must be the primary remixer. Stars can contribute by giving advice, performing with a live instrument or vocals, and with production, including sample quality, balance, and minor arrangement adjustments to fix timing or dissonance issues. If you don't use the same DAW, you can exchange MIDIs or rendered stems. The Star may also contribute a short solo segment arranged entirely by them. No one other than the Novice and Star may help in any substantial way. You can use multiple sources in your remix, but at least 51% of the remix must be based on one or more qualifying sources. For example, if you use 3 sources, and only one fits the theme, but it's present in more than half the mix, then it's fine.

[*]Submissions: All entries must be submitted to ThaSauce by the deadline. Check the ThaSauce page for the exact amount of remaining time (the image in my sig should also be correct). Give credit to your partner in the submission description. File sizes cannot exceed 20MB. If you have trouble uploading the file or getting a ThaSauce account working, post a link to your mix in this thread and I'll get it on there. If this is your first ThaSauce compo entry, don't do it at the last minute!

[*]Voting: Use the ThaSauce page to vote. Entrants (Novices or Stars) may not vote for themselves, but your mix gets a bonus first-place vote if you vote. Support your partner by voting! The deadline is on the ThaSauce page (or in my sig, once voting has started).

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I mostly do metal and play guitar but I've got a few posts so I'd love to help someone up and coming out by showing them arranging and such (and playing guitar/bass for them)

I'm fairly available through skype over the next few weeks and plan to be more of a "mentor" than actively laying down tracks but I can definitely help out in that regard and give ideas.

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Google returned this. Don't know how helpful that is for you MindWanderer.

I tried to recollect the song by starting that thread. I still have what I found in that thread. I don't know if all links still work, if anyone wants to have the songs I have, I can try to upload it somewhere.

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Looks like the format was similar to PRC and not a reference to Iron Chef.

It was a reference to Iron Chef though. That was the whole idea. The song every week was the "secret ingredient." It actually came before PRC, but used judges instead of voting. That proved to be an unsustainable model for a weekly compo.

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Ok Im in! On my Mac Ive got Chip64 in Reason and I'll keep it set on the C64 setting, honest! Ok so I'll just say it...Im very nervous about asking anyone for help for fear of the phrase "beyond hope" "lost cause" "wasting my time" and "utterly talentless" will run though the Star's mind...but right now I'm gonna get on it and whomever wants to be a mentor, I would never turn away!

Edit! If there is a Star who uses Reason, that might work best to streamline any interaction...just a thought

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If you could convince Anosou to sign up... ;-)

I mean, it's not like he's an employee of Propellerhead or anything

Sadly he's registered as 1) not interested or available, but yes that would be quite funny...THE Propellerhead working with Reason. I believe Sir_NutS is also an avowed Reason user. I forget how I did it, but there was a way to search for users by which workstation they used. At this point I'm going to try and make a good track then worry who wants to work with me on it later, right now I'm just generating ideas and kind of flipping all the puzzle piece face up...Flexsytle seems like someone I would like to work with, but when your going from Reason to another DAW you lose the angle of sharp direct points " Use the Master Class compressor on the Kong drum output 4-5 and set it to XX value, might help with the snare" IDK I just need to get crackin' on making a GOOD track as opposed to who going to help me.

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I'm a dedicated Reason user (Reason 5), and I'd love to help out as a 'star' this round. Just for the shits and giggles. Let's do this.

BTW I'm quite good at production and 8-bit chiptunary; I'd even say that's kind of my thing. I can work wonders in arrangement as well, but I think I'm limited to pointers in that regard, for the sake of this compo.

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I can work wonders in arrangement as well, but I think I'm limited to pointers in that regard, for the sake of this compo.

Per the rules:

The Star may also contribute a short solo segment arranged entirely by them.

I'm prepared to laugh heartily when I hear a solo segment roughly 1000% better than the rest of the remix....

I should also mention that I do sound design all the doo-dah-day, so I'm definitely willing to help you understand this synth (which isn't that complicated, actually!).
Yeah, since folks will have limited time to learn a new tool for this compo, I'm deliberately choosing ones that have mostly features common to most synths, or that have only a few sliders. There are some nice-sounding ones out there that have dozens of arcane, undocumented fiddly bits that just aren't appropriate for this format.
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