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Here's a list of every PS1 RPG by release date. I have questions for you.

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I'm writing down every RPG for PS1 that has an English localization in order of release date. God, I love doing otaku things like this! I have questions for the community.

1. Can you think of any that I've missed?

2. Have you ever seen a list ordered by release date like this anywhere else?

3. What sites do you trust for accurate release dates?

Notice that a suspicious number of dates are on the very last day of the month. I guess that's a convention for games that the release month is known and not the exact day. I'd love to be able to get the exact dates for all of those.

By the way, I'm doing this for a rap song. ^_^ Here's the list so far.

1995-12-31 King's Field II

1996-08-31 Beyond the Beyond

1996-11-01 Legacy of Kain, Blood Omen

1996-11-01 Suikoden

1996-11-?? Persona

1997-03-27 Vandal Hearts

1997-04-30 Wild Arms

1997-07-31 Ogre Battle

1997-09-07 Final Fantasy VII

1997-10-02 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1997-12-31 Alundra

1998-01-28 Final Fantasy Tactics

1998-03-?? Diablo

1998-03-31 Saga Frontier

1998-04-30 Breath of Fire III

1998-06-01 Blaze & Blade: Eternal Quest (PAL)

1998-06-30 Azure Dreams

1998-06-30 Granstream Saga

1998-08-07 Kartia: Word of Fate

1998-09-09 Parasite Eve

1998-09-30 Dragon Seeds

1998-09-30 Tales of Destiny

1998-10-20 Xenogears

1998-10-31 Brave Fencer Musashi

1998-10-31 Brigandine

1998-11-30 Jade Cocoon

1998-??-?? Tactics Ogre

1999-01-31 Guardian's Crusade

1999-03-17 Legend of Legaia

1999-03-31 Monster Seed

1999-04-30 Shadow Madness

1999-05-28 Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

1999-05-31 Star Ocean: Second Story

1999-09-09 Final Fantasy VIII

1999-09-29 Suikoden II

1999-09-30 Final Fantasy Anthology

1999-09-30 Grandia

1999-09-30 Thousand Arms

1999-10-31 Shadow Tower

1999-11-30 Chocobo's Dungeon 2

1999-11-30 Koudelka

1999-11-30 Vandal Hearts II

2000-01-31 Saga Frontier 2

2000-02-29 Alundra 2

2000-02-29 Front Mission 3

2000-03-30 Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

2000-04-29 Vanguard Bandits

2000-04-30 Wild Arms 2

2000-05-15 Vagrant Story

2000-05-23 Digimon World

2000-06-06 Legend of Mana

2000-06-11 Legend of Dragoon

2000-07-18 Threads of Fate

2000-08-15 Chrono Cross

2000-08-29 Valkyrie Profile

2000-09-02 Parasite Eve 2

2000-10-02 RPG Maker

2000-10-16 Dragon Valor

2000-10-31 Eternal Eyes

2000-11-13 Final Fantasy IX

2000-11-15 Torneko: The Last Hope

2000-11-22 Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

2000-11-28 Breath of Fire IV

2000-12-15 Lunar II: Eternal Blue Complete

2000-12-22 Persona II: Eternal Punishment

2001-01-28 Darkstone

2001-05-19 Digimon World 2

2001-06-01 Battle Hunter

2001-06-29 Final Fantasy Chronicles

2001-06-29 Technomage (PAL)

2001-08-13 Saiyuki: Journey West

2001-09-10 Tales of Destiny II (Eternia)

2001-10-31 Dragon Warrior VII

2001-12-20 Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth

2002-04-18 Arc the Lad Collection

2002-06-05 Digimon World 3

2003-04-08 Final Fantasy Origins

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Nice list! I'll have to remember to consult this the next time I'm looking up under-represented RPG soundtracks for my next compo. Aside from what MindWanderer said about Tactics Ogre not having the "Let Us Cling Together" subtitle (that was on the PSP release), the only thing I really noticed is that Lunar Silver Star Story should have Complete at the end of the title.

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You're missing Persona II: Innocent Sin, which is the first part of the Persona II duology. :3 Persona 1 also had the "Revelations" title appended to it in the US.
According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona_2), Innocent Sin didn't receive a US release on the PS1, just the PSP. (And apparently Eternal Punishment didn't come out on the PSP in the US, just the PS1.)
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8 hours ago, Number 40 said:

Raising the dead here, because it has to be said.

He is missing the Mega Man Legends Series, (1, 2, Misadventures of Tron Bonne). ARPG based on Mega Man.

I just happened to mosey into OCRemix.org for the first time in forever and a very old post I made has been resurrected. My timing is unbelievable. My question about adding Mega Max Legends to the list is: Are there character parameters that you can increase by grinding? We have to have at least that to be an RPG. Although, that means I need to remove Alundra. I don't know if Alundra 2 is the same or not but Alundra actually isn't an RPG, so I should remove it.

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