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OCR03190 - Metroid "Back to Zebes"

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This is one of the remixes I'VE GOT to download onto my music player. Although I'm not a great fan of the Heavymetal-ish style of music, I loved this arrangement. Gotta keep an eye on the artist, you've got my respect.
beautiful intro btw

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I didn't talk about this remix in the submission mail because my english is pretty bad, so I skipped every optional parts  :< .

Now that the submission was accepted, I guess I have to write few words about It.


I know people expect more than just a 'cover' when they're looking for a remix, but it was so obvious to me, I had to make it that way. I already had the whole idea in my head even before I took my guitar.


Like most of my video games remixes, the idea is real guitars/bass played by myself and a virtual drum with patterns I make. Like a basic rock band.

Sometimes, I add other things if the arrangement needs it. Here we have a virtual piano and a virtual xylophone for the quiet part, additional percussions for the intro/outro...

Everything else are processed guitars.


The piano part is intentionally quieter than the others. I really wanted this dynamic difference, a peacefull and quiet part before going back to the last 'action' part with more guitars  :razz:


The mix could be better, but it ALWAYS could be better, so I stopped before going crazy haha.


I guess that's it! Thanks guys for having me on OCR, and sorry if my message sounds weird, I did my best.

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  • 3 months later...

WWE style entrance music for Metroid, huh? Sounds like I could use this to experiment with some Create An Entrance's for Samus. :D I dig the slower portion in the middle before it kicks back into the heavier stuff. Makes for a dynamic mix. Good old fashioned rock, never a bad thing. Great debut, fella.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03190 - Metroid "Back to Zebes"

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