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OCR03213 - Super Mario Bros. 2 "Shiitake Kingdom"

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Great final execution from when it was bouncing on the WIP Forums.  I actually really like that it wasn't trying to be super realistic.  It makes it innately fun and blends nicely into a genre of Japanese TV/Commercial/spot music that is done nigh identical to this.  "Authentic" instruments in a more playful, engineered way.  In that sense, it's actually super authentic!  

Fxsnowy, well done.

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SMB2 has always had one of my favorite player select themes (one of the few memorable to me actually), and hearing it get this nice, short and sweet Oriental as hell ReMix is pretty terrific. Gotta love that raun moon guitar and the koto, I really do like hearing those instruments. It's just fun and super enjoyable all around. Authentic sounding or not, it's clear what the direction of this mix was and it achieved it's goal 100% in my opinion. Awesome arrangement, definitely adding to my mp3.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03213 - Super Mario Bros. 2 "Shiitake Kingdom"

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