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Fruity Loops Music Competition 4: 2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome [Results, pg. 6]

Jason Covenant

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(winner on page six.........)

FLMC4: "2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome"

Ok, for those of you unfamiliar with the FruityLoops Music Contests, here's the basic lowdown:

You arrange music in fruityloops using ONLY the stuff that comes with fruityloops, and you MUST provide an flp. No exceptions this time.

This means no sytrus, no wasp, no soundfont player or anything else that must be purchased seperately. No extra plugins or samples.

HOWEVER, in this installment of FLMC, there is a bit of a twist. I figured that using the same samples over and over might get a bit old, so I've made a little sample pack in order to spice things up a bit. The whole point of using only fruity default was to be creative using very minimal samples, and have everyone use the same samples. We'll still be doing that, but with a little bit extra.

You will have between 20 midis to pick from for remixing. Naturally, they are all from the soundtrack "Mega Awesome Kitty cat Game Thing OMFGWTFBBQ RPG ROFLZ: 2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome", the sequel to the game used for FLMC2.

Here's the link to download the stuff for FLMC4:


Inside you will find the extra samples, including 5 very sliceable drumloops I made just for you guys. In addition there's a little bare minimum demo track flp in there too. (And don't worry it'll work on anyone's computer.) Lastly, but not least, you will find the 20 remixable midis there in a folder, ranging from all shapes and styles.

Deadline is September 30th 11:59 pm pacific time. That gives you a little more than a month.

As is the custom, I'll have the storyline for "2 Meow, 2 Mega Awesome" here in a bit. I'll post the storyline for the original for those who missed it too. That'll be my project while you guys mix.

Btw, I'll review any wip posted in this thread.

Alright, now start remixing!

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Pretty sure they're all ok except SimSynth, which doesn't come free with FL.

I was going to participate when I saw the title - I'm at college now which means I don't have as much free time, and even if I did I couldn't spend it doing so much solitary stuff like I used to, but I've found that I go crazy if I just hang out 95% of the time - but unfortunately I don't really have an interest in remixing games/songs I've never heard of and others are equally unlikely to have heard of :(

Very much looking forward to the next one, though! :)

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That sample pack r0x0rz, and so do the midi's. I remember some of them from last FLMC2. The new ones are awesome also.


I can't wait for you to finish writing the story. If it's anywhere near as awesome as the last story you wrote... :lol:

I'm stuck between a couple of themes to remix, but will probably do "Seven Chiropractor Cat (Fifa's theme)". :wink:

One more thing I gotta say about this compo:

Jack Thompson's theme, LOL.

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... in this installment of FLMC, there is a bit of a twist. I figured that using the same samples over and over might get a bit old, so I've made a little sample pack in order to spice things up a bit.

Indeed, this should make things much more interesting. I take it that the winner of this FLMC chooses / makes the next sample pack?

Very good question. Realistically, I don't think anyone's gonna want to go back to the old way now that we're doing it with a twist. I think with each compo, the winner of the previous one will have to decide/create some sort of spice to add to the FLMC concoction. If it's another small sample pack, then so be it. Just so long as things remain interesting and fun. =)

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