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MAGFest 2017 (see you next mission)

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Post-MAG Edit

I MISS ALL OF YOU ALREADY (also, screw you, MAGFlu)


You know what this is. You know what we do.


Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center
201 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745
Jan 5 - 8, 2017


  • http://magfest.org - Educate yourself.
  • Badge purchasing - Get your badge!
  • Hotel reservation - Get your room! Last year, rooms at the Gaylord sold out in less than 24 hours, so if you want to get in there, be quick about it! There are four overflow hotels in short walking distance though. EDIT: All five hotels sold out in less than 30 minutes this year. >_<  MAG's continually setting up more overflow options though.
  • OCR room block - Too late to get in! Small block this year.
  • MAGFest channel on OCR Discord - We used GroupMe last year for OCR people to get in touch with each other and plan around what everyone else was doing, but since we're now on Discord, we're using that this year (shout-out to DarkeSword for making the new channel)

If you're coming, reply below to sound off.

OCR-Relevant Panels and Concerts

  • ReMixing Video Game Music 101 (presented by OC ReMix) - Panels 1: Fri 1-2:30pm
  • OC ReMix: Slicing & Dicing, Booming & Tss-ing VGM Since 1999! - Panels 3: Sat 4:30-6pm


  • alfredofreak
  • Arrow
  • BardicKnowledge + 1
  • DarkeSword
  • DetectiveTuesday
  • Diodes + 1
  • DragonAvenger
  • DrumUltimA
  • FenixDown
  • Flexstyle
  • Geoffrey Taucer
  • JenZ
  • Jenner
  • jmr
  • Kizyr
  • Kruai
  • LoudMog
  • Mazedude
  • Moguta
  • NativeJovian
  • Neblix
  • Newt
  • OA
  • Pipez
  • RealFolkBlues
  • sadmac
  • Sagnewshreds
  • theshaggyfreak
  • VinnyMac
  • wildfire
  • XPRTNovice
  • YoshiBlade
  • Zeba

Maybe/Planning on Attending

  • Esperado
  • Hyperion5182
  • Theory of N
  • zykO

Looking for a Room

  • LoudMog
  • Moguta

Offering a Room

  • N/A
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I'll be performing with The OneUps this time. Swing on by if you want!

Had a great time at MAG, and it was great hanging out with all the OCR peeps! I'm also glad I went to the panel, there are a couple new projects I still need to go download. Good stuff.

Hey guys, Another update--I'll also be performing with Austin Wintory on Friday, and for the GANG remix competition with DiscoCactus, and I'm doing a panel about making big collaborative arrangem

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Apparently the Gaylord sold out in like 15 minutes, and the rest of the discounted rooms in less than an hour.  I was still able to make a reservation at full price, but that might be pretty steep for some people.  Still, I'd rather spend another couple hundred bucks on a room within walking distance than spend that on either a rental car or cab/Uber fares and be in a less convenient location anyway.


I've never actually been to MAGFest before.  Wanted to for years, but this is the first time scheduling and finances both worked out at the same time.  Gonna be a good time -- looking forward to meeting you lot in person!

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17 hours ago, Native Jovian said:

Like, actual breakfast, or a muffin under a heat lamp "breakfast"?

A little bit of both.  Jovian's right, but it also has eggs and sausage and some other things.  Basically your standard hotel small breakfast buffet.

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YO! Add loudmog to the attendees list. I didn't book a room, so I'll be looking into that, and may possibly end up just finding somewhere outside of the area. I'll be driving down from Philadelphia. I've also submitted a general staffing application to help out as much as needed. 

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Probably going. Apparently badges are selling out fast and I won't have the money to get one for another couple weeks. That on top of not having a room at this point in time make it seem difficult/near impossible to work out. But if I can get a badge and room, I'll be there.

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