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OCR03600 - Super Mario Kart, MK64, MK:DD, MK8 & DKR "A Road That You Go"

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My goodness, I started listening to this and I was thinking, "the only bad thing about this incredible accomplishment is I'm going to have to figure out the source timing of all the themes," and BAM, it's already there - holy crap, this is wonderful. I love the fact that it somehow keeps a cheery, fun vibe through all the transitions and fun tunes. And speaking of the transitions, I would argue that using the item selection process to do it is one of the most brilliant, easy to follow, and like-it-was-always-part-of-the-songs perfect transitional device. Really in awe on that one - and with the mix in general. Congratulations to all the artists on a beautiful, fun, gorgeous piece (opus?) of music!!


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Awesome! My favorite arrangement from Mario Kart. The variable time signature is really well done, notably at the 2nde third. It's all the more impressive so as that it's played by live instruments. I can imagine the difficulty for the instrument players to keep the control facing a so complex rhythm.

I've listenned it in loop, trying to resolve this time signature^^

Impressive stuf!

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