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Final Fantasy XIV remix album


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After several of my friends got me into Final Fantasy XIV, I fell in love with the game so hard that I've been playing pretty regularly for a year and a half straight now. The game has an incredible soundtrack, with over 400 songs, and I wanted to see an OCR album for it. Of course, 400+ songs is insane, to the point where this game has a legit Guinness World Record for the most original music in a video game. With that much music, and since XIV isn't the cultural touchstone something like VI or VII is (WHICH IS A TRAVESTY), I couldn't guarantee I'd be able to get enough interest in this for even the standard four-disc type OCR album. So instead we're going for a smaller, targeted idea here.

The concept is simple: an album specifically for the area themes of the game. This includes city-states, towns, villages, the various zones you travel through, etc. I'm hoping to direct a sequel album in the future centered on battle/dungeon/boss/primal/raid/PVP themes, but let's see how this one does first.

If you're interested, please look through the list of 47 potential sources below (cut down from my original list of 120, lol), complete with YouTube links, and if anything jumps out at you and you'd like to remix it for the project, let me know! Everything on a single line uses the same basic source for several in-game remixes, so I've listed them together, and you'd basically be claiming that one "melody" for a single remix, so to speak, rather than three or four different songs.

If you're familiar with the XIV soundtrack and actually want to remix a source not in this list, and it's an area theme like the rest, then also let me know.

I would like to see this released within a year, but I do not currently have any specific deadlines in mind otherwise. I'll decide that down the line, once I see how many people are interested in the project.


Purple - Initial WIP complete
Blue - Significant WIP complete
Green - Done




Navigator's Glory


On Windy Meadows/Saltswept (ARR) - claimed by Furorezu

Born of the Boughs

Whisper of the Land - claimed by hylianonbi

Emerald Labyrinth

The Twin Faces of Fate - claimed by Ridiculously Garrett

Twilight over Thanalan



Tears for Mor Dhona



A Realm Reborn

A New Hope/Sultana Dreaming - claimed by Manji

To the Sun - claimed by Earth Kid

I Am the Sea/A Sailor Never Sleeps

On Westerly Winds

Ruby Sunrise - claimed by John Stacy

Wailers and Waterwheels/Dance of the Fireflies

Serenity - claimed by Darangen


The Waking Sands


Frontiers Within/Reflections

Intertwined/Silver Tears

Crystal Rain

Thicker than a Knife's Blade

The Edge

The Emperor's Wont - claimed by DusK




Solid/Nobility Obliges/Night in the Brume/Nobility Sleeps/Hallowed Halls - claimed by OA

Against the Wind/Black and White/Descent - claimed by DaMonz

Lost in the Clouds/Close to the Heavens/Like a Summer Rain

Coming Home/Heavy Rain

Painted Foothills/Painted Skies/Slumber Eternal - claimed by Jake Meacham

Landlords/Skylords/Roar of the Wyrm/Apologies - claimed by Arrow

What is Love

Missing Pages/The Silent Regard of Stars/Poison Ivy

Paradise Found/Homestead

The Mushroomery

Order Yet Undeciphered/Unbreakable/He who Continues the Attack/Unbreakable (Duality) - claimed by XPRTNovice



Stormblood (songs that don't yet have official OST titles are in brackets)

Beyond the Wall/Hope Forgotten/Their Deadly Mission

Keepers of the Lock

Impact/Afterglow/The Measure of Our Reach/The Measure of His Reach/Heroes of Stormblood/[The Royal Menagerie]

On High/The Stone Remembers/Alienus

Crimson Sunrise/Crimson Sunset/Deception - claimed by Thirdkoopa

Liquid Flame/Westward Tide/The Open Box/Down Where Daemons Dwell


A Father's Pride/A Mother's Pride/Gates of the Moon

Drowning in the Horizon/He Rises Above/Most Unworthy

Songs of Salt and Suffering/Old Wounds/Liberty or Death/Far From Home - claimed by AdLib

Edited by Arrow
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6 minutes ago, Manji said:

Aside, I cannot wait to see what Oa does with Nobility Sleeps because that is basically a perfect piece of music, don't @ me

Back when I was privately floating the idea of this album, before I'd even figured out what tracks I was gonna offer as sources, OA was like "gimme Ishgard" and basically didn't give me a choice in the matter, lol

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1 hour ago, Ridiculously Garrett said:

I've never played any Final Fantasy Games, but I'm interested in The Twin Faces of Fate. I'll take that one. Does it have to be any genre specifically?

The only limitation I've baked into this album is what sources are on offer. Besides that, you can do whatever you want. Knock yourself out!

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On 3/9/2018 at 11:17 PM, Garpocalypse said:

I'd consider joining but I am really only interested in doing a remix of an old battle theme that i've wanted to do since I heard it when 1.0 launched and has since been repurposed as a heavensward dungeon theme.  If you open up the limitations in the future look me up and i'll stake my claim.  

I doubt I'll be opening up the limitations for this album, but as I mentioned in the OP, I plan on doing a sequel album after this one that's specifically battle themes, so that one (assuming you're talking about "Quicksand", which was Thanalan 1.0 battle theme and now is Sohm Al Hard) would be perfect for that. I'll definitely let you know when that one gets started.

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I, too, am a huge fan of XIV. And am still actively playing the game.

If this is still ongoing, let me know as well. I know it's the end of Shadowbringers now, but since I can't do any of the open world / town themes from it, I'm willing to do any from ARR forward that aren't yet taken. I'd have to see what's available and if getting a MIDI of the work is possible, but I am up for the challenge. :)

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