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Zelda OoT has still the infamous chanting


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Hi OCRemix!

I was gathering samples used in Ocarina of Time to build perfect remake of the Shadow Temple theme. I found out the Fire Temples chanting sample is used there. It's played so low (and as a three chord) so it's not recognizable.

I know it's nothing special but just wanted to share this out. I was only trying to get the original drums from the song for remixing purposes but got so excited for finding this.



You can find it in on the video 0.54

You can also check out the FL Studio Project file (20.0.4) and use it for remixing purposes https://www.dropbox.com/s/hqvq9zmnuvywir4/ShadowTempleRemake.zip?dl=0


Here's the original Fire Temple theme for those who don't know about the chanting.


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I thought I dreamed the chanting at first. The neighbor girls had the game in a 1.0 cart, and we went through the game together, but didn't make it all the way through. I got a 1.2 cart later on when I got an n64 for Christmas and entered the fire temple again on my own, and thought something was missing, but just thought I dreamed the chanting.

Through the power of the internet, you can find out that you weren't dreaming.

MagiTechnology from thfuture!

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Man, this was one of my favorite tracks from all of the Zelda series because of the chanting (does anyone know what they're saying? I'm guessing it's a prayer.), and was so bummed when the re-releases had it replaced with some super generic stuff. 

The sample was used in Cruis'n World as well:


But yeah, those Temple themes in OoT are underrated I think, and are fun to trace influences from. The Forest Temple always sounded like Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man" to me, and the Fire Temple has that great 2-note percussion line. (And there's that great use of cuica in the Goron City...)

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