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OCR03857 - Skies of Arcadia "The MFD"

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I always admired and loved the OCRemix albums that would get released every few months. I always dreamed of having one directed by myself one day too. (hey, look what happened!!) However, one thing I did notice that in almost every single one of the albums, @djpretzel always had a hand in it by contributing at least one track. It almost seemed like a tradition at this point - that the creator and owner of OCRemix involves himself at least once in every major project released. So, obviously I had to ask the man himself if he was willing to donate a track to the cause after it was approved for official album status. Imagine my surprise and excitement when he said yes!

However, true to form and to the advice other album directors gave me, they all mentioned that @djpretzel would take his time and most likely be the last track to be finished for the album....and boy did he not disappoint! :D If it weren't for a last minute change for Fina's Theme involving @Deedubs at literally the 11th hour (no kidding, it was finished and sent in AFTER the album had been submitted for eval!), @djpretzel's track would have been the last completed for the album! You almost made it there, buddy, but your streak has been broken! haha! :P 

As for the track itself, not much to say except he nailed it on the first try, is awesome in every way and I loved it so much that it instantly became my top pick to be the opening track for disc 3. Thanks again to @djpretzel for being so great and easy to work with, you made the final stages of this album submission so much easier and friendly. I appreciate all the help you've given me and the help you'll continue to give as we progress forward in working out these physicals! Huzzah to all for a job well done!

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I actually like this better than the source. Military Facility Dungeon is one of those universally-popular tracks from the original OST, along with Ixa'Taka, but it's also one of the more quagmire-ish dungeons, so you hear this on loop for.. um, a while. This digests so smoothly, and it's really emotive and.. well, beautiful.

The viola front and center is courageous and pays off. It owns the stage and dances with the lead synth. I just love the expressiveness, and its tinge of melancholy.

And that's why I recommend The Milk-Fudge Donut.

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When I was listening to this album for the first time, I wasn't really looking at the tracklist, but when this track started playing, I immidiately recognized it as a djp's work :)To my mind, there's just a whole lot of similarities to some of his previous works for sure. The strings reminded of his excellent "Red Waltz" and "What the Ocean Taught the Forest", the funkier bits seem to come staight from "Love Hurts" and "Fortuna Favors the Funk", and the rock-ish parts certainly make me think of "Dark Storm". This is some solid atmospheric stuff, and while it's a relatively short piece, it definitely goes places, being a really cool sonic adventure ;) Mad props for this sweet track!

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