MIZAR ATTACKS! - Jet Force Gemini - A rare gem of an album!

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********PROJECT UPDATE #10********

Guess what, y'all? We got 10 tracks out of a total 15 confirmed complete and WAV acquired! And 3 of the remaining tracks are near completion! This album could come together in short order if the remixers really crank out the remaining five tracks! The end is in sight and the finish line so close! Just need a few more remixes and we got ourselves a full 1-disc album on our hands for all the Jet Force Gemini fans to love. Trust me when I tell you, these tracks are freaking awesome and definitely get the blood pumping! Just waiting on @djpretzel or mod similar to move this thread into Projects! ;)

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********PROJECT UPDATE #11********

ALL TRACKS ARE DONE! All the cover and back CD art is done! All that is left to do is get them mastered and go through the entire process of pushing this album through the OCR album process and you shall get this beauty in short order later this year hopefully! Jet Force Gemini fans rejoice!

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