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I loved it when I had the original, so I'm buying the new one. I lost interest with it I think because I played it too much at the beginning last time, so if you aren't careful you can burn out super easy. But otherwise, it should be good. I'll be playing it with a girl by my side, so that might help me out too.

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Can you explain what's so enjoyable about the game that one would continue to play it? I know it's not a game you can "beat."

It's just one of those games that you can play whenever to just chill and relax. There's a crap ton of stuff to collect and little events that happen depending on the calender day, so it has a little charm to it that makes it enjoyable.

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I added myself to Mario kart wii and Metroid prime Hunters; do I just sit around now and hope people add me?

Might be better to pm or try to catch people on aim.

I've had very little success with clan ocr, except with Arek personally, but I think that's partially because he's a lot more approachable to me than most people. :P

I'll add you to Mario Kart during winter break if I remember to.

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