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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Some of the first greater gameplay insights

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This scene is from a live gameplay with Yoshinori Kitase (producer & scenario writer for Final Fantasy 7) at the Tokio Game Show (TGS) 2019.

It seems to be like a radically awesome overcrossing between Final Fantasy 7 and the Battle Arena Toshinden or Soul Calibur series.


Totally love the light/special effects and detailed graphics, the really outstanding slow motion mode, the crisp and powerful sound of the slashes, strikes and blows...
... and of course the vital orchestration of the famous battle theme. ))

Pretty cool innovation that summons will actively participate in the battle as well.
I'm kinda sure they 'll also implement a function with which you can level up and evolve the skills of a summon (just like the Espers in FF6 or the Guardian Forces from FF8).

If they also spend something like a multiplayer-option for that really catching and highly dynamic battle system, it would be kinda awesome to be able to play the game with good friends as well.

Just straight from the gameplay insights this might be a real revolution within the RPG playing standards.
If the pretty deep story will be told as dedicated as in the original game and contains a lot of additional side stories as well, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be something like the game oif the year/decade or even century and really interesting for the newbies, as well for the fans of the original game.

Square Enix as a Japanese company simply knows how to create outstanding games with deep storylines.
I'll definitely keep a staring eye at this one.

Besides, here 's the complete recording of the gameplay demonstration.


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20 hours ago, Master Mi said:

Square with deep storylines

they sure used to! i don't know as much about more recently.

the trailer looks very interesting. i'm definitely interested in the game to the point of being willing to buy the console if it doesn't go cross-platform (at least eventually, likely not right away).

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