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OCR01538 - Metroid "Sugar, Water, Purple"


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As a Metroid fan, (well, at least a fan of the first three games anyway,) I was blown away by this piece.

The original tune out of the game cartrige in and of itself, lends itself to more modern interpretation, doesn't it...

I love how this author takes apart the melody and explores each section thoroughly. And in the end, a familiar but fitting climax.

This should be part of like, a Metroid Sonata, with this as its Allegro piece... heh heh heh...

GREAT job.

Any plans of printing this out and publishing your works???

In response to many comments...

A frequent one I heard on this piece is that "you couldn't sit down and relax to it." Or that "it deviates from the source."

Truly, the definition of a piece is not limited to "something one can sit down and relax, or put on as background music while they wash the dishes." And if something just mimics the source outright, is that not mere repetition, if not plaigerism? (forgive my awful spelling...)

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I heard the main theme be introduced quite clearly, before the player starts to elaborate on it.

The first section is repeated quite thoroughly: dotted half, half, quarter, dotted half, dotted half...

And I believe the second section continues through out as the ostinato in the base.

And finally, in the end, is the concluding third section, with which so beautifully cadances before he slaps everyone in the face with the old ending everyone knows...

MUST have a printed score for this.

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hello, my name is shnabubula

I "study piano" and "play very well"

this is ridiculous

you once again cause me to re-assess the musicianship of this entire site with your genius

you can't humble your way out of this one, sam... it's just too damn brilliant

at any rate, consider it saved, backed up on DVD, and somehow transferred to vinyl

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This is improvised?





How does this?

How does this happen?

Holy shit. Seriously this was improvised? What?

Quoted for truth.




I knew this was good but...





My respect for this mix just went from "This is an awesome mix." to "Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1!!!!! :shock:"

On a scale of one to ten, this is an "Awesome."


Ending with "Shave and a Haircut" was pure genius.

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With a melodic style like this, it also has to be Schnab- i don't even need to check the credits. I double checked the mix notes just to confirm though. XD

I really love the phrasing at 2:39, it's easily my favorite part of the track. It really does feel improvised, and it's cool how it travels all over the spectrum. Fun stuff, good ideas = win.

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A video to this would be amazing. Best shnab song, aside from Peachy Love and that SMW madness, and stuff. I want to make an audio recording of me singing S,W,P; I could do it accurately, too (after practice), considering my playcount.

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Just looking through all the old goodies, so that's kinda why this post is at such a disjunct temporally ;)

As has been said before, since this is improvised it is really really good. The improvised part speaks to the artist, though I do think it might be better as a polished version. Maybe that's just me, but its certainly very good as is. A nice piano mix.

As a side note, I'm not particularly fond of this Norfair source. I've always thought Lower Norfair from Super Metroid was much better. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying this mix.

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I love complex stuff (Pharoah Land is still my most-played), and this fits. It's all over the place. And expressive, too.

When I want to play an OCR where my parents can hear, this is the go-to number.

And for some reason I can't figure out, it segues very well into Escape Routes (OCR1513), which is very different.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01538 - Metroid "Sugar, Water, Purple"

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