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Dragon Warrior: Children of Erdrick - Send all WIPs to Monobrow!


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Project News Board

January 21st 2008: This is a most important update regarding the project. It requires your utmost attention, so please read carefully.

As you guys have seen from PRC111, I have had less and less time to deal with just about anything regarding the music scene within the past year or so. This has also meant that this project in particular had gone really quiet.

But don't fret though. In order to help get the ball moving again, I've recruited Monobrow as an assistant director for the project. Katie will be able to help out in providing duties regarding to locating and commenting on WIPs provided from any new signers at this point. In other words, she will be able to get the ball moving again during any abstained absenses I end up facing.

A drastic move that will also follow is that all spots that haven't been cleared have been wiped a clean slate out of. That means anyone who occupied the tracks before and haven't finished them are being taken off until they can provide something finished before anyone else could take them again.

If you want to consult me concerning any of this, it's best to send me either PMs or emails because I am more likely to respond to those than come into the thread these days. Otherwise, if you're willing to take up a spot on the project, go for it.

January 1st 2007: This is sounding more major than I thought.

I don't know what the heck happened, but for some reason, we lost the original thread. I updated this thing just before Christmas, and I don't have a clue on how it got kicked off *just* before the vBulletin move. This is something that I don't quite understand. For that, we need to start afresh in a brand new thread.

This is not to tell us that the project has completely died out. It has told us that there seems to be a slight mistake trying to place it in General Discussion, where you never know the speed of everyone's posts over such periods of time. But I'd rather not blame it on that right now.

So, this is what we're going to do. I will go around and ask for final songs or as close-to-finished renditions as we can possibly can. This will happen from now until some point close to Valentine's Day. After the decided date, then everyone who falls behind from this will purged, no questions asked. At the same time, a second project manager will be located to help bring it through to its more final stages.

It's time we got to be serious with this. Losing a project thread has been a catalyst for this process, and we need to make sure that we get a fine delivery after all this.

In more positive news, we got a finished track from CarboHydroM. See, THIS is the kind of example I expect people to follow. Do it, please :)


Welcome once again, CoE Team (and spectators, of course).

This topic will showcase the progress of the Children of Erdrick Dragon Warrior Remix Project, covering the music across the first three games i.e. the “Erdrick Trilogy”.

If you want to listen to the games' soundtracks, they're currently at the NES section of Zophar's domain, so it's best that you go there and check them out.

This project has been in development for the past year and a bit, and now we really need to get going and see if we can get some finished tracks together. We need to work hard on this.

Once again, here’s the project rules for anyone who needs them repeating.

Getting on the project

* If you didn't notice this during the audition phase and/or WIP stage 1 and want to get on board, feel free to get in touch with me. If your work matches what I'm looking for here, I'll be able to let you on.

* Should you want to provide specific instrument services for anyone who needs it, like a guitar or piano part for instance, be sure to tell me and I'll put you down.

Track selection

* If you're on the project, your next step now is to confirm what tracks you want to do. Simply look on at the list below, and choose whichever track(s) takes your interest.

* Should you want to cover a song that was on the SNES remakes but not the NES originals, then you can but that would mean it won't be on the main album. Any queries about this should be directed towards me via PM or MSN.

* If you want to do a song that someone else is already covering, that's fine. At the end of the day, if all the competing mixes or that song are very good and fitting of site standards the runner-up tracks will still be able to shine on the B-sides released a little after the project release.

* If you want to do a combination of tracks, that's good too. Just be a little bit more cautious if you're aiming for several at a time.

* Collaborations are also welcome. If a confirmation of working with other artists has been reached with your work, be sure to tell me.


* Should you want to seek for feedback in your music, this thread will be open to it. Once you post the file up ready for exposure I will link it here in this thread for others to look in and offer input. Side note: I thought the WIP box would be a good idea to get people involved, but it didn’t seem as active as I thought so that idea has been scrapped for now.

* Individual WIP threads of your track within the WIP: OCR board (or anywhere similar) are also welcome. Who knows, you may even find someone who may nitpick a great deal out of it and shape it up to its best form.

* If you want to share your track to others but don't have your own webspace, you can email them to me at bev.wooff@gmail.com and I'll put them up on my own web storage.

* The tracks should be made as if they were fitting for OCR standards. Creative spins on the source material and strong production qualities are important here.

* Remember to mix in everything as sensibly as you can. Track volumes shouldn't exceed -0.2dB; if you're unsure on how loud a track should go, just prevent it from clipping. But if your track sounds mightily louder than the other submissions, I'll either "adjust" it or I will get in contact with you to mix things in again.

* Most importantly, do not release the track anywhere until the project is unveiled. VGMix WIP is an exception though (at least when it comes back online!), but likewise a final release on the same site before the project's opening will put you at heavy risk of being dropped from the project.

And finally...

* Do you have any more questions that need answering? Feel free to contact me in this post or in PMs.

Moving on, here is the track listing for the three games. The aim with this is to develop an album of around 20 mixes, so it's ok if not all the tracks get covered. So theoretically, it's shown to be an open project when it comes to choice.





Untaken tracks (songs that aren’t taken yet; fairly self-explanatory)

Overture (DW1 #1 DW2 #1 DW3 #3/#32) [COMPULSORY]

Unknown World (DW1 #5 DW2 #11 DW3 #6/23) [COMPULSORY]

DW1 Chateau Ladutorm (DW1 #2/3)

DW1 Cave (DW1 #6-13)

DW1 Battle (DW1 #14)

DW1 Dragon King (DW1 #15)

DW1 Ending (DW1 #16)

DW2 Love Song (DW2 #2)

DW2 Chateau (DW2 #3)

DW2 Town (DW2 #4)

DW2 Fright in Dungeon (DW2 #6)

DW2 Small Shrine (DW2 #9)

DW2 Travelling with Friends (DW2 #10)

DW2 Fight (DW2 #13)

DW3 Rondo (DW3 #4)

DW3 Adventure (DW3 #5)

DW3 Jipang (DW3 #7)

DW3 Cave (DW3 #8 )

DW3 Tower (DW3 #9)

DW3 Village (DW3 #14)

DW3 Town (DW3 #16)

DW3 Battle (DW3 #17)

DW3 Phantom Ship (DW3 #18 )

DW3 Requiem (DW3 #20)

DW3 And Into the Legend (DW3 #26)

100% Complete (Song is finished, titled and with a WAV for the torrents; placement on the project is official)

Zoola – DW1 Town “Warrior Awake” (DW1 #4)

Jeremy Robson - DW2 Distant Journey "The World Beyond" (DW2 #5)

Christian Pacaud - DW2 Dangerous Tower "Funkin' on the 18th Floor" (DW2 #7)

The Joker – DW2 Requiem ~ Risk Death “Price of Life” (DW2 #8 ~ DW2 #14)

CarboHydroM - DW2 My Road My Journey "Grow" (DW2 #15)

Ryan8bit – DW3 Shrine ~ Flying in the Sky ~ Requiem themes (cameo) “The Cycle of Vivification” (DW1 #20© ~ DW2 #8© ~ DW3 #11 ~ #15 ~ #20©)

ambient & NeoS – DW3 Pyramid "Polyhedron Priori" (DW3 #10)

Rexy – DW2 Ocean Journey ~ DW3 Across the Sea "Just Cruisin'" (DW2 #12 ~ DW3 #12/13/39)

Reuben Kee - DW3 Hero Challenge "Dancing with Dragons" (DW3 #19)

Instrument contacts

Geoffrey Taucer - acoustic guitar (AIM - GeoffTaucer, MSN - midgetboysk8@hotmail.com)

MagiNinjA - clarinet, violin (AIM - ReMiXedD, MSN - xmagiragnarok@yahoo.com)

PriZm - electric guitar (MSN - prizm_shard@hotmail.com)

The Prophet of Mephisto - bass, saxophone, vocals (AIM - mavericksprophet)

Ryan8bit - bass, guitars, vocals (AIM - Ryan8bit)

XMark - rhythm/solo guitars (AIM - ChexMark)

Zoola - saxophones (AIM - zoola4zoola)

Ways of contacting me

email - bev.wooff@gmail.com (probably the fastest contact)

MSN - bevwooff@hotmail.co.uk

Skype - moulinrex (don't count on it, haven't used it for a while)

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Well, I really don't have anything to say anymore. I uploaded my track months ago, so I'm just waiting for this to finish. I'm upset that this is taking so long, but it will finish. I would offer to do another track, but with my current schedule I would probably slow the project down even further. So..... Lets get to work peoples!

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Pedal heavily for fresh talent, Rexy: Try looking around WIP and see who has some of the more impressive works. Or maybe, do a special DW PRC. :)

This should be when it comes to the worst, mainly long periods of time when only one or two songs remain. If I ever do that, I'll need a trial run and see what happens, maybe a DW4 source tune. I appreciate the idea tho.

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Right, I've sent a mass email out to everyone concerning the project. And from here on in, it's going to get crucial.

I stated that I'd start slaving people about from here til February, and this is what's going to happen. I want to see finished produce coming in by February 11th. And if you don't come through with much material without good reason, you will be kicked off until you come up with something.

What's going to worry me more is if we face enough problems in the next month to have to resort to finding a second manager. I'm finding it hard enough to find new musicians as it is, let alone a person who would help bring this baby to life.

But either way, check your emails and get cracking ;)

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Don't worry, Joker. Your song's safe with me.

Also, further bad news has struck - AkumajoBelmont has chickened out. So that means that DW3 Adventure is back up for grabs if anyone wants to have a stab at it. And to think that Robbie's ideas would kick so much ass too :(

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